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The SkyWar - Chapter 1

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avatar ParkerTheDev
Level 25 : Expert Nerd
Every five years there is a SkyWar. A violent battle to the death, last person standing wins. Sounds simple doesn’t it? Well, it’s actually not. First of all, the odds of getting into the SkyWar is very, very slim. The SkyWar runners are very picky when it comes to who can participate, and who can’t. They pick 5 people at the beginning, and through rough training and tests, they only cho0se 2. I was one of those 2 to make it through to the SkyWar, and man, do I regret accepting the invitation.

- -

The busy streets of my Village were a delight to run through. “Merry Christmas!” all the Villagers would say to me as a I ran past them. I would usually come running from finding a rare mineral or bringing some food back. My family wasn’t the richest family in the Village. My Mother worked part time at the Blacksmith’s to gain some extra cash to pay the expenses of having 2 children.

We didn’t get much at meal time. It usually was just chicken or the occasional steak, when we were lucky. I didn’t work, but I was an adventurer. I would venture out into the vast world, and come back at supper. And usually I would bring back some Lapis or Chicken. My brother wasn’t old enough to contribute to the family, which did make an impact.

As I quickly ran through the Village, snow started to fall. “What a Christmas miracle!”

Shouted Mrs. Baker, the Blacksmith’s Wife.

Our house was on the edge of the path which meant it was small, which isn’t bad. I opened our squeaky door, and sat down at the table.

“So, what’d ya find today?” my Mother asked me as I sat down. “Nothing much, more lapis and -” I stopped. “What is it?” My mother asked. “Oh no! I left the 6 emeralds I found in the Sand Temple in the chest!” I cried out, as tears rolled down my face. “Oh, honey. It’s okay. I got extra pay today, which should make up for it,” my Mother said wrapping her hand around me. “No, it’s not okay, I need to go back!” I said with confidence. “Honey, don’t do this, please!” my Mother shouted as I slammed the door. “I’m going to fix my mistake,” I said to myself.

- -

The sky darkened, and the snow came down harder. “I’m freezing,” I said, with no energy. With the temple nowhere to be seen, I curled up in a ball and started to get hungry. “Why didn’t I listen to Mom! I’m so stupid,” I said with anger in my voice. “S- so....hungry,” I muttered. And as soon as I knew it, I fell asleep.


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