The Spotted Oak Tree (Horror Story) BOOK 1

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A/N: These Are the few Text Shortcuts I will be using: T/M (Text Message), S/R (Story Reading), And others (B/S means Backstory)

B/S) It is the same year as you are reading this (2017) This takes place in a neighborhood full of mysteries. Here is what you need to know: Charlie is the main character and Charlie's Father is a famed inventor. Jason Heson (Father) Is the creator of a series of 4 test subjects. These are Charlie's Adventures. (Charlie is 14-17 years old)

Charlie woke up she was up in her polka dotted bunk bed shared by her friend Josh. Josh was in a race flag checkered pattern bed. Her mother called them to breakfast and they had Eggs, Bacon, And Pancakes. Charlie ate 3/4 of her food and went outside. A storm was coming. Charlie decided to get her last few hours of outside left. Her friend, Harry, had greeted her. She and Harry had a fun time outside. But the storm came. It first started as rain and thunder but then it got worse. The storm had shook the house and Charlie was hit by a rock and knocked unconscious. Then, she woke up. It was hours later and only Harry, Josh, and Her were left. Her parents were nowhere to be found. Then, it opened a dark gray cellar. A light switch blinked and Harry hit it. The light turned on and frightened the 3. There were little dirt patches in the floor. They moved to the next room and there were signs that read specimen 1 but to their surprise, it was just a figure. A figure with the features of a hen. An anthropomorphic hen. Charlie decided to walk further and then read a sign at read specimen 6382 Charlie stared at the hen. It attacked her. The hen's stouchmach had a gap. The gap opened and a beeping light could be seen. Charlie ran towards the group. they ran and The hen screamed " CHARLIE " and the group screamed like there was no tomorrow. Then, once they hit the exit, they ran outwards and hid in the cupboard back section. They closed the door and then they lost the hen. When he hen moved by, you could feel a ray of awkwardness. The group decided to split up and move out.

T/M) Char: Guys!
Josh: I'm Scared...
Harry is typing.....
Harry: JOSH RUN!
Josh is typing....
Josh is offline....
Char: JOSH!

Charlie went looking for josh when she could feel a ray of awkwardness. She hid and the hen walked away.
Harry found Charlie and they decided to go to Harry's House in the city tommow. Charlie could drive.

-End of Story 1-
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