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The State of Minecraft Data Packs

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This is a video essay discussing the state of data packs as it relates to both PlanetMinecraft and YouTube. It is meant as an analysis of where data packs sit as a pillar of the greater Minecraft community, as well as a look into the culture of data packs. I explore concepts such as quality, genres of packs, anatomy of project pages, and similar both from the perspective of a data pack developer, as well as a player, gathering data and evidence to start a greater discussion about where data packs are or ought to be going.

Also featured in this video are the results of my interview with the popular data pack developer @Awhikax, who provides great insight and perspective to the boones and trials facing the data pack community, the culture of PlanetMinecraft users and YouTube audiences, and what data packs are popular vs. what perhaps ought to be more popular down the line.

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09/25/2022 12:16 am
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