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The Stone Tree, Second Chapter (BPG FanFic)

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avatar Muted_57
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
Chapter 2

“Where am I?” Luke looks around and stands up and sees the dragon, then freezes. It looked at him for a second, then roared.

“AA!” It roared.

“What?” Luke asked it.

“AAA!” It roared again.

“Umm… ok?” Luke said confused.

“AAAA!” It roared louder. Luke woke up in his bed as his alarm sounded again.

“AAAA!” Luke turned it off and hopped up and got dressed.

“I love that meme.” Luke said to himself as he ran down stairs.

“Good morning, Luke.” His mom said as he walked into the kitchen.

“Good morning, did Dad have to work again?” Luke asked. He grabbed a poptart and put it in the toaster.

“Yeah, he said to tell you good morning for him.” His mom replied. Luke looked at her expectantly as his mom walked into the kitchen. “What? I already said it.”

“Mom.” Luke said with a smile as she ruffled his hair as she poured more coffee. “Oh, don’t forget we’re going to the park today, me and my friends.”

“I know you guys have do it every Saturday since you all got bikes.” His mom replied. “Did you really think I’d forget?”

“No, but Zack forgot.” Luke said as he bit into his poptart.

“Zack didn’t forget. Did he really?” His mom asked.

“Yes, really.” Luke looked at his mom as he took another bite of his poptart. He looked at the clock. 9:24, twenty minutes, then I’ll leave.

“Not until nine forty-five Luke.” His mom said as she followed his gaze to the clock.

“I know Mom.” Luke replied. “I wasn’t planning on leaving until nine forty-five anyway.”

“Okay, good.” His mom said as she sat back down in the living room.

“Be back by eleven!” Luke’s mom called as he hopped on his bike and rode to the park where Tori and Nick were waiting.

“Hey guys. Are the others not here yet?” Luke asked as he parked his bike and popped the chain lock.

“Nope.” Nick replied. “And Zack said he might be late because he has to do chores.”

“So what are we gonna do?” Tori asked.

“I honestly don’t know,” Luke said. “How about the woods?”

“Again?” Tori replied. “We did that the week before last.”

“So? It’s fun.” Nick said as Thomas and Arthur rode up on their bikes.

“Hey guys.” Thomas said as he walked up.

“What are we doing this week?” Arthur asked. “And where’s Zack and Sam?”

“Sam will be here soon, Zack is doing chores.” Luke told Arthur.

“There they are.” Tori said pointing toward the rode as Zack and Sam pedaled up.

“Sorry we’re late or not really late, but still considered late.” Sam said as he ran up behind Zack.

“It’s fine, raise your hand for the woods.” Luke said. Sam, Nick, Arthur, and Zack rose their hands while Tori and Thomas kept theirs down. “Ok, woods win. Let’s go!”

“We get to choose what we do next Saturday Luke.” Tori said as they walked into the woods.

“I know.” Luke replied.

“Which path?” Sam asked as they walked up to a fork in the road.

“Left.” Thomas said, walking to the right. “Oops, wrong way.”

“Ok, left it is.” Zack said, following Thomas.

“Come on, guys!” Arthur said as he ran after Thomas and Zack. Luke, Tori, and Nick dashed after the others as they came up on a crater.

“What happened here?” Luke asked no one in particular as he jumped into the crater.

“I don’t know, but what’s that?” Nick asked as he jumped in after Luke, pointing at an object in the center of the crater.

“It looks like a endstone, from Minecraft, if it was real of course.” Zack said getting closer to the weird block.

“I want to touch it.” Sam said, reaching toward it.

“Are you an idiot? It’s literally glowing, and sparking!” Tori said as she smacked Sam’s hand.

“I don’t like this. Let’s go back guys.” Arthur said.

“Are you kidding? If we get this back to the park, we’ll be rich!” Zack said excitedly.

“Zack, we can’t take it back it’s too hea-” Luke was interrupted by a weird voice.

Touch it. the voice whispered.

“Hear what?” Tori asked, as she walked back to the top of the crater and sat down.

“The voice, it’s saying Touch it.I think it wants me to touch the cube thing.” Luke replied, confused.

“That’s creepy.” Sam said.

Touch it. the voice whispered again, sounding angrier this time.

“Th-there it was again! It sounds frustrated now.” Luke stammered.

“Maybe we should get out of here…” Tori said, worriedly.

Touch it! the voice practically screamed, as Luke tried to cover his ears to get it to stop.

“It’s screaming at me.” Luke said reaching towards the glowing cube.

“Luke, don’t!” Nick yelled as Luke leaned forward and touched the cube. Luke and his friends flew back as a burst of energy exploded from the cube. As Luke slowly lost conscious the voice whispered one last word.


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