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The Stone Tree, Third Chapter (BPG FanFic)

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Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
Chapter 3

“Ughh… what happened?” Luke groaned as he sat up.

“Dang it Luke, I told you don’t.” Nick yelled from some distance away.

“Sorry, it’s not my fault I had a voice screaming in my head.” Luke rolled his eyes and got up. He looked at Tori, then immediately jumped back, frightened. Tori was Toriable, literally. She had turned into her Minecraft skin.

“What happened to us?” Arthur, Arbiter617, asked looking at his hands.

“This is crazy! We got sucked into Minecraft.” Zack, Skyfall, said getting up.

“Crazy? This is great!” Sam, MrSamSmall, shouted.

“For you maybe.” Tori shuddered. “How did this happen?”

“More importantly, this is the map that crashed.” Luke said. “See? There’s the tree.”

“I vote we figure out what’s going on here first.” Nick said. “We don’t know what could be in there.”

“Well I think we should go in.” Thomas, LittleThomasKid, said. “See if anything’s changed.”

“Go ahead, but I’m getting prepared, just in case.” Sam replied, as he started punching a tree.

“What are you doing?” Nick asked walking over to him.

“Making a sword, and maybe a pick too.” Sam replied. as he closed his eyes as wooden planks then a crafting table appeared in his hand.

“Woah, how did you do that?” Zack asked.

“I agree with Sam. Let’s at least all get a wooden sword then we’ll go in there.” Luke said as he ran over to a tree and started punching it. “Also, don’t make another crafting table, it wastes wood. We’ll all just use Sam’s.”

“I’ll get food.” Tori said, flashing her new wooden sword. “Don’t go in until we all are ready.”

“Will do.” Luke said, looking up at the strange stone tree.

“I’m gonna scout around, wanna come with me Luke?” Nick asked.

“Yeah, wait up.” Luke replied as they started to walk up a small hill.

“So, let’s cover what we know…” Nick said as they reached the top of the hill. “We were walking in the woods, came across some sorta meteor that looked like endstone, you touched it, after I told you don’t, and we ended up here.”

“Yup, pretty much.” Luke replied. “I think I see a village over there, in that taiga.”

“Wanna go look at it?” Nick asked him.

“Let’s wait until after we check the tree.” Luke replied and started walking back down the hill.

“Wait up, Luke!” Nick yelled and ran after him.

“What did you guys find?” Arthur asked, as Tori walked up. “Hopefully a desert temple?”

“No, but we did find a village.” Nick replied. “We’re waiting until after the tree.”

“Okay, I got food, and wool for beds.” Tori said and distributed all the food to everyone.

“Everyone ready?” Luke asked as everyone gathered near the roots of the stone tree. Sam, Zack, Nick, Arthur, and Tori nodded.

“I’m ready, but I don’t want to do this.” Thomas said, as he pulled out his sword.

“Let’s go then.” Tori said and walked into the roots of the tree. “Are you guys coming? Or not?”

“Yeah…” Thomas said, following Tori with the others.

“Didn’t you say there were signs in here?” Arthur asked, looking around.

“Yeah, right in the middle of this place.” Luke replied, walking up to the center of the roots. Luke turned around and looked at the entrance, at the top he saw a block, different from the others, and on it, was their Black Plasma logo. “Guys look! It’s our logo!”

“How is it up there? The only way that would happen is if someone made a texture pack!” Zack exclaimed, jumping to touch the carving.

“That’s creepy…” Arthur said, perplexed.

“Let’s go to that village now.” Thomas said, walking toward the entrance.

“You guys go ahead… I’ll catch up.” Luke said, looking around the cave room.

“Tori, stay here by the entrance and wait for him.” Nick whispered to her. “We should stick together.”

“Okay, see you guys at the village, and don’t let Sam let the lava flow if there’s a blacksmith.” Tori whispered back.

“Will do.” Nick said, before he ran to catch up with Sam, Thomas, Zack, and Arthur. Tori sat at the entrance and waited for Luke.

“Why us?” Luke asked himself as he walked around the small cave under the roots. Luke brushed his pixelated hand against the cool stone, then walked out of the cave.

“You ready now?” Tori asked him.

“Yup, let’s go.” Luke replied, as she stood up. “Should we sprint?”

“I don’t see why not.” Tori replied, putting her sword away.

“Race ya there!” Luke took off toward the village, getting there just as he heard…

“SAM NO!” Nick yelled and punched his side.

“Oww Nick! I was just kidding…” Sam said, laughing slightly.

“Last time you did that I died.” Arthur rolled his eyes.

“That was not me, that creeper just had excellent aim.” Sam laughed.

“So did that skeleton, that was not a good day…” Thomas said.

“I remember that! It really wasn’t… remember? I got like 20 diamonds and fell in lava?” Zack said.

“I saw you die.” Tori said, walking up with Luke. “You literally were screaming louder than me for once.”

“I had had my volume at max because my headset wasn’t working, until you decided to scream that is.” Thomas said, patting Zack’s shoulder.

“I say we make our beds and ask the villagers if we can stay in their houses.” Luke said, walking up to one of the village houses.

“Why ask them? We can just take them and they won’t care. Watch.” Zack said, as we walked past Luke and barged in the house and put Sam’s Crafting Table down. “There ours.”

“What are you doing?” Villager Number 27 asked Zack.

“W-what?” Zack moved back from the villager.

“What are you doing?” Villager Number 27 repeated.

“We were wondering if our friends and us could stay here for the night.” Luke rolled his eyes and pushed past Zack.

“Sure.” Villager Number 27 replied, then walked outside and yelled, “HA! THE CHOSEN ONES HAVE ASKED TO STAY AT MY HOUSE!”

“Aww shut up Villager Number 27!” Villager Number 12 yelled back.

“Aww… okay...” Villager Number 27 said, then walked back in his house and stood on the crafting table as Tori placed all 7 beds, Tori’s a little farther than the rest.

“Should we fix the farms? They’ve all been snowed over…” Arthur asked, looking out the window.

“I’ll help you in the morning, Arthur.” Nick promised, hopping on his bed.

“Okay, so, tomorrow, Nick and Arthur will fix the farms, Zack and Sam will go mining, and Thomas, Tori, and I will get food, and build a wall around this village.” Luke said, jumping on his bed as well.

“The chosen ones are so nice.” Villager Number 27 said, with his face muffled in Sam’s pillow.

“We are very nice.” Thomas laughed.

“Okay, I’m going to sleep now.” Arthur mumbled, and soon fell asleep.

“We all should sleep. Cuz, well, Minecraft logic.” Luke said, laying down on his back and soon fell asleep.

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