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The Story Behind: Theatre Pack

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The Story Behind: Theatre Pack

Hello, and welcome to my new blog series ‘The Story Behind’. The idea of this blog series is to focus on a particular mod and reflect, exploring the story behind its conception, development and the things I would change. This week I will be focusing on my first publicly available mod, The Hospital Mod – Theatre Pack.

The Back Story

I’m sure a lot of people wonder why I would make such a niche mod, many Minecrafters are interested in adventure and fantasy based content which is a world away what the Theatre Pack mod brings to the game. Ultimately, I didn’t make the mod with the idea of pleasing everyone, it was developed by myself for my own project and if others wanted to use this content for their own projects then they could do.
In real life, I work for the NHS in the UK and I have been trying to build realistic hospitals in my Minecraft world, the longer I worked for the NHS, the more I learned about what we do clinically. I’m not a clinician though so by creating each detail of the hospital in as much depth as I was became a real learning journey and I wanted to make my content as realistic as possible to mimic a real hospital.
Truth be-told, I have been making my own mods for a long time to create the content I needed, as I was new to modding, the quality of these mods was poor and in no way would it be satisfactory to share with others, but I continued to make them and for my own personal use and over time, I became better at creating content and the software I was using got better features meaning I was able to start making content to a decent standard which would be good enough to share online with others. It was time to make my first publicly available mod.

Creating the Hospital Mod – Theatre Pack

It was a couple of days before New Years 2018, I have been heavily researching equipment of an operating room and translating what I’ve found online into realistic models on Cubik. Hours of studying images and videos of how an operating room works, how equipment works and its purpose was tiring but interesting at the same time, the more I studied, the more ideas I came up with.
New Years Eve 2018, I was just adding the finishing touches to the mod to make available to download, I decided eventually that I would have a break, enjoy the new years celebrations on TV and then have some sleep before returning to it in the morning however everyone else was asleep, I was wide awake and excited to get this mod on the website. I could probably imagine a lot of people doing more exciting things but I was at home, slouched on the soft with my laptop on my knee submitting my first mod to CurseForge and PlanetMinecraft whilst in the background London had just welcomed in 2019.
And that was that, mod submitted albeit pending review as it was my first mod. When I woke up in the morning I saw that it had been reviewed and downloaded several times which was an amazing feeling. Eventually it was approved for CurseForge and those downloads started increasing to.

The following days

The following days were quite interesting, I was watching my downloads increase, my member level go up and up and had a rush of excitement every time someone left a comment. I checked on youtube countless times to see if anyone had featured my mod in a review or mentioned it online. It was exciting but very consuming.
The concept of creating a mod for myself and allowing others to use it quickly became me wanting to please everyone and make mods for others rather than myself, I started thinking up ideas for my next mod with the intention of getting more downloads, more comments and more reviews, my attitude became more shallow as I was feeding on the initial hype, regardless of how big the hype actually was.

The slowdown

Eventually, the downloads slowed down, the comments stopped, no more videos started to appear featuring my mod and I started to feel like I was missing that excitement of releasing something new. By this point, I had already started working on a new mod (GymCraft) which was very different in theming, the urge to get back that excitement had me rushing to get more content out which I did but it never quite gave me the same buzz I got with my first mod.

Your Feedback

This mod got me a group of subscribers who continue to support me on both Planet Minecraft and Curseforge, these members regularly like my content and show interest which is fantastic and I really admire their interest. The feedback was relatively good and still receives praise for its detail which is a proud achievement for me. I still keep a check on any videos that may appear on YouTube, still try and respond to comments from the community and still check back to see how the mod is doing in terms of downloads, not out of greed but just to see how many others are interested in that kind of mod. I learned that my most niche mod idea is one of my most popular and its great to see that I’m not the only one building a hospital in Minecraft.

What would I change?

Looking back, I am happy with how the mod turned out, but If I could I would go back and wait a little bit longer and include more content. As soon as I put he mod online, I got a rush of ideas of things I wish I had put in from the start but by this point I was already planning on doing something different which I eventually did. But soon after, I revisited the hospital themed mod with the Facilities Pack.
Apart from that, I wouldn’t really change much else, for my first public mod I am extremely happy with how well it has done and how much positive feedback the community has given.

Are there any plans for this mod in the future?

Absolutely! I am working on several other packs such as the Pharmacy Pack but ultimately I will be revisiting this mod and fine tuning based on several suggestions from you guys. Watch this space!
If you made it this for, thank you for reading, I will be talking more about my mods in this blog series regularly.
If you like this content or any of my mods, please subscribe so you don’t miss any updates.

Happy Minecrafting!


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04/07/2019 9:58 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Crafter
robzz avatar
What department of the nhs do you work in? 🙂
04/08/2019 4:37 pm
Level 64 : High Grandmaster Cyborg
Leon90 avatar
HR, specifically in Recruitment :)
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