The Story of a Common Empty...

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One day... in the world of Minecraftia... There was a young Girl. She loved to build, and make glorious art. But, on the inside, she lived in a world of Grief, and Sorrow. One day, she came upon the knowledge of a plague, it was called the Empty, and was caused by the exact thing she had inside, Grief and Sorrow. She feared this plague would come to her soon, but she still went on with her life. But one day, she felt sick. She went to lie down in bed, only to find it made her sickness worse. She got up, looked in the mirror, and saw she had green lines down her face, and later noticed it spreading.
She looked up the Empty in her library once more, and realized that her green lines was the Empty spreading through her body. She winded her eyes, then dropped the book and ran out her door, only to find her friend standing staring at her face and body, with wide eyes. "Leopard, what happened?" "E-eemptyy..... Sooo... empty...."
Leopard whispered... With the most amount of Grief and Sorrow in her voice. "R-run! its a Leopard Zombie!" Her friend yelled, and he ran, and went on top of a roof. "H-heeelllppp...." She cried, but none listened... She Griefed her own house with gravel.. But none noticed. She finally realized, she needed to kill her self. And only that. She jumped into the water, only to find it hurt the most it ever could. She jumped out, and climbed a cliff, and jumped down the cliff, but it wasn't high enough, she found a Creeper, but was too scared. She ran more and more, to fin that hunger wasn't effecting her. Then, she realized she must use a spell, to cast on her self to live in her armor. So she sprinted home and did so.
She was finally free, in her armor, and happy. She used a spell to transfer her soul into the armor. She was free... Free for ever...

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Update #1 : 06/07/2012 7:14:40 pmJun 7th, 2012

But not for long... Soon her soul would reject her armor... Forever.
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