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The Story Of Alex

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Level 39 : Artisan Architect
This is the story of how Alex came into Minecraft.

The Story Of Alex
A normal day it was, for the ultimate genius, Steve. He had done so much, but he was always ready for more. Naturally, his wish for adventure was once again answered.
He has built dreams, cities, palaces and whatnot. He fought hostilities, spirits of the nether, the powerful wither and the ender dragon. He also defeated Herobrine, but one thing he always wanted, a thing he could never find, was a friend.

Chapter 1: The Disappearing Diamonds

Just the day before, Steve had found some diamonds while mining. Unfortunately, his pickaxe had broken, so he planned to take the diamonds the next day. Steve marked the place on his map and went back home to sleep. He was utterly shocked when he returned. The diamonds were gone and there were marks of a pickaxe on the stone. Steve was flabbergasted. He knew he was the only being on the planet. There were mobs, but they weren't intelligent enough. The only one who could have done this was dead. Herobrine was gone forever, even the mobs realized that. Was there somebody else, somebody good, somebody who could be what Steve has always wanted, a friend. It was a light in the dark, and a new quest for the genius.
Chapter 2: The Mysterious Girl

The quest began, Steve got his questing kit and set off into the dangerous forests of Minecraftia to search for the one who could be his friend. As he ventured deeper and deeper, he was attacked by a wolf, a tamed wolf. He clambered up a tree as quick as he could. He suddenly caught sight of a girl with long, bright orange hair. She began running away the moment she saw Steve. He jumped down. "Hey wait, please don't run away. I won't do anything, wait, wait." he shouted but his cries were of no use. He ran behind her but found out she was faster and more agile. He was sure now of who had taken the diamonds, but he wasn't angry at her. He knew that she had been frightened. Somehow or the other, that girl would become his friend. They could have children, they could populate this lonely world. He dreamt so much he did not realize how late it was. He suddenly heard a rustling sound and he turned around. A zombie was staring in his face, about to strike. As quick as lightning, Steve slashed it to dust with his sword.
Chapter 3: Hut in the Woods
Steve went home and took his camping and tech kits. His tech kit was four dimensional and compressable. He then headed once again into the forest, but this time, he had a specific target. For two whole days, he trudged through the forest, without a wink. Then, after five days of fruitless search, he heard a wolf howling in the distance. It was night and he couldn't see, so he followed the cries, believing it to be the girl's wolf. He could have been wrong, there were hundreds of wolves in that forest. Suddenly, he stopped. "What a fool I am, won't I be attacked if I go near the wolf again" Steve thought to himself. He took out his tech kit, opened a chemistry box and began making a wolf repellent. Whatever came out in the end, he hoped it would not spoil his plans. He heard the cry again. Soon he reached its source. To his absolute astonishment, a small hut was situated over there and the girl was roasting meat. "May I join ?" he politely asked. "What are you doing over here ?" she shouted in anger. "Nothing much, I was just searching for you without sleeping and eating maybe four sandwiches for a week" answered Steve sarcastically. "Who are you ?" she asked. "I am Steve, a builder, inventor, king, fighter and genius". "You certainly don't look like any of them, you look like that white eyed beast I had seen a few years ago". "That was Herobrine, my evil dead and reborn brother, he's gone forever now, I destroyed him". "And by the way, who are you ?" Steve asked. "I am Alex, a thriving adventurer, till now I thought I was the only being on Minecraftia other then Herobrine" the girl answered. "Even I thought so" Steve responded. His greatest wish had come true, at last Steve the great had a friend, Alex the adventurer.
Chapter 4: Journey to the Kingdom of Minecraft
Alex told Steve all about her adventures. Stranded on an Island at the mere age of three, she had begun questing. "What about your family, your parents ?" Steve asked Alex. "They were killed by the mighty dragon and the black trihead" she answered. "The Ender Dragon and the Wither, you mean, I killed them both." he said. "What about your parents ?" she asked. " I don't remember " he answered. The two friends journeyed to the kingdom of Minecraftia. They married and had children and they populated Minecraftia.

I have put a lot of effort into this.

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