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The Story of Herobrine Part 4


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Level 31 : Artisan Electrician
ChemicNova, Slagathor15, and Phydur were trembling. Half of their team were drowned in the sizzling hot lava. "How will we get out of this sticky situation?" asked Phydur. "Sticky? I have an idea! With enough redstone, we can make a redstone elevator to land!" said ChemicNova. "Or, you could just make a staircase 'till we reach the island adjacent to the lava stream over there." suggested Slagathor15. "I don't know, let's try all the ideas." decided ChemicNova. ChemicNova gave some redstone to Phydur and Slagathor15. "I got the pistons! Let's go!" said ChemicNova. The moment we placed the first redstone wire, Phydur looked up. "Chemic, isn't that a person with the default skin?" asked Phydur. "That's HEROBRINE!" shouted ChemicNova. Herobrine grabbed a fishing rod and started throwing it, attempting to pull us into the lava. The fishing rod grabbed Phydur, and started pulling him into the lava. "PHYDUR!!! NO!!!" ChemicNova shouted. Slagathor15 luckily brought some splash potions of Fire Resistance Potions and shot them at Phydur. Phydur survived the fall and bobbed to the surface of the lava. ChemicNova poured some lava to make Phydur use as an elevator. Phydur reached the surface, and just in time when the effect was about to wear out. Herobrine kept throwing the fishing rod. Luckily ChemicNova, Slagathor15, and Phydur were good at dodging. Herobrine spawned tons of ghasts and blazes with spawn eggs. ChemicNova equipped his enchanted bow, then Slagathor, then Phydur. "Draw your swords!" shouted ChemicNova. Everyone drew their swords. Herobrine had gold armor, very useless for protection. Everyone had diamond swords except Herobrine. He had an enchanted sword (Fire Aspect III). Luckily, ChemicNova had Fire Aspect II, Phydur had the enchantment Smite II, and Slagathor15 had Bane of Arthropods III. ChemicNova also had his lucky enchanted bow, which was enchanted Flame II and Infinity III. Phydur had Punch II and Slagathor15 had Power III. They were lastly, equipped with Iron Pickaxes and Shovels. It wasn't diamond because of the blaze and chest incident (From Part 3). ChemicNova, Slagathor15, and Phydur drank potions of fire resistance and jumped in the lava. They swam up to the island where Herobrine was. Unluckily everyone was on survival, and Herobrine locked ChemicNova, Slagathor15, and Phydur in cages of bedrock. "Oh, come on!!!" cried ChemicNova. "Let us out of here!" shouted Phydur, angry. ChemicNova aimed his bow directly at Herobrine. "Let us out or else!" said ChemicNova. Herobrine broke the top of each jail and poured lava at the top. Luckily the jails were tall, tall enough to think. "Mwa Ha ha ha ha!" laughed Herobrine. He forced ChemicNova to drop his enchanted sword in the lava. "Never! You can jail me, but you can't outsmart us!" snapped ChemicNova. Herobrine turned around. He made it back to the nether portal and lit it with flint and steel. Then Herobrine left us stranded in the jail. "Dang. We'll die. How much XP I had to get this sword." sighed ChemicNova. "I guess we're doomed." said Phydur. "Slag, you got any more of that fire resistance potion?" asked ChemicNova. "Yup. Have some." Slagathor gave the potions to Phydur and ChemicNova, but it was too late. "I AM DOOMED!" gasped ChemicNova. His eyes were wide and shaky. Phydur tried to stay at the edge of the jail, but the lava was coming closer. "DRINK THE POTION QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted Slagathor. Everyone swam up the current of lava into the hole at the top of the jail. ChemicNova, Phydur, and Slagathor15 survived and escaped safely and walked across the nether landscape. "We have got to get back." said Slagathor15. "If Herobrine left the nether, there must be a way out for us." added Slagathor15. "Right." said ChemicNova. Phydur and Slagathor15 spotted the portal and ChemicNova was abandoning the jail cells and placing netherrack all over it. He lit it on fire, then ran to the portal. "The portal is off." said Phydur. ChemicNova looked to the right of the portal. There was a chest right next to it. It had worn down flint and steel that could only survive one more use. Slagathor15 took the flint and steel and ignited the portal. But when they got back, everything looked strange.

What happened? Find out in PART 5!

By ChemicNova

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  • ChemicNova
  • Level 31
  • Artisan Electrician
  • February 23, 2012, 11:31 am
  • ethanmmuse
  • Level 6
  • Apprentice Architect
  • February 22, 2012, 12:50 pm
i like it
  • ethanmmuse
  • Level 6
  • Apprentice Architect
  • February 22, 2012, 12:50 pm
nice job

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