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The Story of Minecraft-is (Deep Below Blog Contest)

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avatar Gamer TamerYT
Level 20 : Expert Dragonborn
Alright Kids, i'm going to tell you the story of the Ancient city Doomed to death, "Minecraft-is".

Most say this legendary city isn't real, but that's what the server Moderaters' want you to think.
only a few Player's know the true story, and what happened to Minecraft-is, and i am one of those people, so let us continue.

Minecraft-is was an island floating off at sea, only One-Hundred (Minecraft) Days ago. This island was Widely Populated, with buildings Everywhere.
This was a very advanced island, with stores and a working Currency system. It even had a small, but strong, army (And police).

But this was a big place, and big places are the most of places to get grifed.

while the people of minecraft-is were living and enjoying their life, a Infamous user known as Herobrine was gathering an army of the strongest players in the server, ready to attack Minecraft-is.

On 7/10/2018, at 7:20 AM (exactly 33 hours ago), fire was running through the island. He was here...

The fire was spreading fast, PVPers were slicing people up on the streets. one of the young men of Minecraft-is ran down a dark alley way, and stop to the sound of someone lighting flint and steel. the smell of burning rope lingered through the air "WAI-"... at 7:33 AM, the sounds of exploding TNT And screaming rang through the air...

The king of Minecraft-s was falling apart, for he could do nothing but send his soldiers who were no match for the opposing force. Herobrine blew up his way into the royal castle and captured the king. Herobrine went outside with the king in his hand, holding him by the neck, and lifted him up for everyone to see as the king was executed. Items fell everywhere, Minecraft-is was over.

When the server government heard of this, he sent his army to help Minecraft-is, but they couldn't find it, no matter how hard they looked.
It wasn't long before people realized Minecraft-is was removed from all maps.

Earlier today, Bottles Started appearing on the shore of beaches with messages in them. They were from The People Of MINECRAFT-IS!!!
Although very little of the users survived, almost all of Minecraft-is didn't. when Minecraft-is Sunk, the new mob, The mermaid, saved the survivors and gave them enchanted armor that allowed them to breath underwater, where they all live.

and that is the story of Minecraft-is. the some who know about it say they will live there in the sunken city of Minecraft-is until they are forced to leave, which wont be anytime soon, for Minecraft-is is well hidden at sea

You may ask, How do i know? well, I'm the former king of Minecraft-is!

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