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The Story of Mobs: Sheep (Part 2)

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If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, go read it!

’Can you tell me in just a bit please? I need to go and forage for food.’ I said to Jim.
‘I’ve been waiting ages to tell you! But ok.’ Jim turned back to his sheep.

I wanted to listen to the story, but I only had 5 hunger bars left and felt ravenously hungry, my stomach as empty as the void. So alas, I thought to myself. Maybe I can get time to listen to the guy’s story.

It had been nearly a full day foraging, and I had only managed to gather a few berries and some steak. I walked back to where I thought the camp was, my mind dreary and the sky a cold grey. I hoped Jim was OK. It seemed so important that his sheep was also fine, so when I neared the tent and campfire, I kneeled behind a tree and prayed for them.

I came back around and there he was, mumbling to the sheep about the whereabouts of me. So I quietly told him, ‘I’m here.’ He spun round and stared at me, with my muddy face and scratched arms, my legs looking like they were going to crumble to dust. ‘Laddie. You’re ok then. I’m glad! Now, it’s time for the story.’
’Jim, I’m so tired. Maybe tomorrow morning?’ The bags under my eyes said it all.
’When are you actually going to- Oh right. Yeah, don’t listen to me sonny.’

I zipped open the tent, shut it and climbed into my bed. Oh man, it felt so good to be in bed.

In the morning, I was greeted with his sheep trying to get into my tent. Jim was trying to pull it out the entrance. I was very confused, so I sat back and watched as Jim pulled out his brown sheep.

’I am so sorry. Anyway, it’s time for breakfast and story. You can have your berries, or whatever you have. I’ll enjoy a burger to myself. Mmm… it’s so good.’ Jim took a bite into his burger, enjoying every little bite. ‘Cows may be our mortal enemies, but I love their produce. The beef is so nice. But enough about my burger.’

’It’s fine. You know I have already got a burger in my backpack? I managed to find a few cows on my hunt yesterday.’
‘Good job laddie, but alas. It’s time I finished my burger and was done with beef talk.’ Jim replied, finishing his bun and licking his lips.

‘Ok then. What’s the story?’

’You ready? Because this one is long…’ Jim stopped. ‘But it doesn’t matter.’

‘Back when this game was released, there was no pets. No wolves, since on my 15th birthday they were added to Minecraft Beta 1.4. So, as a young boy, there was only sheep, cows and pigs.
’As soon as I was old enough to remember, I saw these animals. My parents had warned me, don’t go near, they could be dangerous. But as a result of me only being young, I didn’t listen to my parents much. There was a whole new bunch of animals that I could see, feel, hear, even smell.

‘My parents had only ever let me outside to go and play with my best friend George. He was a splendid little champion, so his parents called him. And I can agree. Anyway, me and George had been playing in the forest for over an hour and we had started to get lost. Big scary forests, we quickly found out, weren’t our thing. Soon it started to get hopelessly dark and zombies were coming to kill us. We had to make a quick escape over a fallen tree. But George tripped and broke his leg. He couldn’t move and sadly I never found him again.

’I was sobbing and tired but I knew I had to keep on moving before it took me as well. So I dived into a bush just before it was in reach of me. I heard the moans of the zombie go past, then I slowly moved out.’

’I was hopelessly lost for a very long time, and by the time I saw the edge of the forest it was dawn. I knew my house was at the edge of the forest was where my parents lived but I couldn’t find the house anywhere. I realised I had come out the wrong side of the forest!’

‘Suddenly, I heard a soft ‘baa’ coming from behind me. I turned around, my stick in hand, and saw a beautifully rare brown sheep. I instantly felt like she would make a good pet.’

‘Because there wasn’t any pets yet?’ I asked.

’Yes, exactly. I was so lost and homesick that I asked her where my house was. Turns out, she could speak Sheep, and I can, See? Baa. That means Hello. Anyway, she told me she’d been watching us for a long time, and that she knew that you’d have to turn right around and go that way. But she also told me there was a short path past this forest that I could use.’

‘On the way back, there was a narrow strip of land that was a three block wide gap. I obviously had to let her go through, but a rather mean cow was standing there. He wouldn’t budge for even a bit. Then, he snorted and charged at me! I must have had a crack in my skull thanks to him, because all I saw after that was black.’

’I felt a lifting sensation and I woke up to the sheep carrying me. I could see a house on the horizon. I said my thanks to the sheep (of course in her language) then I jumped off. But she still insisted on following me right back to my house.’

’After that had happened, I knocked on the door to find my mother weeping and my father in chat. I knocked again, this time my mother came rushing up to me, saying that they’d been trying to get in touch with the police but there had been nobody. And that’s the end.’

I stared at Jim, pulled out my steak burger and ate it.
’What a good story! So, what happened to the sheep?’ I said.

’Well…’ Jim paused. ‘My mother vowed never to let me go anywhere near cows until I was old enough to hold a sword. I was only 6 or 7, remember. She also said I could keep her, and we named the sheep Dolly.’

‘And is Dolly still alive?’ I asked.

‘If she’s dead, then who’s this?’ Jim smiled, then stood up. ‘It’s time I should be leaving you behind. I mean, that was a long camping trip!’

’It was only meant to be a walk, Jim!’ I started to laugh. But before Jim went, I gave Dolly the wheat I had. Suddenly, little love hearts appeared above her head. Then, a small green circle that jingled and chimed. And then, a tiny brown lamb.

’Well well! You can keep her little lamb if you so wish.’ Jim smiled. But I must go before it’s too late. My wife and grandchildren will be waiting for me back home. Make sure to call the lamb something nice. I might visit you some time. I can tell you my coordinates if you want a visit. But again, I must go before my grandchildren leave. I was only meant to be here for a day. Yet it’s been three!’ He started to walk away, followed by Dolly.

From then on, I never ate mutton again, never underestimated sheep. And if you’re wondering what I called Dolly’s lamb, it was a little boy. I named him Coco. And my dog adored him.

LESSON: Sometimes when life takes an unexpected turn, unexpected things can help you. Like Jim, he never thought a sheep could save him from dying on the path all those years ago. And Daniel learned a lot about sheep.

Make sure to comment which mob I should do next!

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