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The Story of Redstone

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HaxHit avatar HaxHit
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Have you ever wondered what Minecraft was before they discovered redstone? No lamps, no traps, no cool awesome looking doors.

One day a miner found a ore with some red stuff, and when it's mined you get red dust.
Scientists experimented what the red dust could do, they threw it in lava, nope, blew it up, nope, then a gust of wind blew some of the red dust into a nearby lit torch, suddenly, the torch turned redish.

They put the new red torch next to some red dust, and, the red dust lit up, also lighting up the nearby ones.
So, with the newly lit up red dust they experimented some more, lava, still no, a door, no. Wait! The door opened!
And when they took the red torch away from the red dust, the door closed!

This is where they named it, Redstone. They also discovered if you put some redstone into a small pice of wood or stone, when stepped on it would open doors too! But people wanted to open their iron doors without having to break a torch, so they invented the Lever.

Some players, though, were new to the game and couldn't find any redstone, so some players opened up a store called, "Redsto©" which included all the redstone machines and tutorials for players, the store dosen't exist anymore, but you still have Youtube!

Hai guys this is another story which is about redstone! The only reason it's called Redsto is because of my map Redsto, and Redsto 2! Hope you enjoy! Leave a diamond and subscribe! :D

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06/28/2014 9:33 pm
Level 42 : Master Creeper Hugger
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IF you hate D: this blog then thats ok cause thats your opinion :)
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