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The Story of Steve

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Chapter 1: The Beginning
He woke up. His name was Steven Block. Others called him Steve. Where am I? He thought. Well, he certainly was not in his living room where he fell asleep. He had almost no memory about what happened. Last time he was conscious he was watching TV in his living room on the couch. He had nothing but his clothes, fists and wits.

Chapter 2: How to Get Wood
Steve thought; How am I going to get shelter if I can't get wood. There was no small stones around to get at least some wood. Oh well, Steve thought. Phase Two. He started punching the tree, suprisingly he didn't feel any pain. He made a crafting table and made sticks, then a sword and a pickaxe and an axe and got some more blocks. Then it turned night.

Chapter 3: The Night
Mobs started spawning and Steve was oblivious to the danger of them. "What the hell are you?!" Steve said in suprise as a creeper came towards him. It blew up and sent Steve tumbling down the hill. "Ugh," Steve groaned. He got his wooden sword and fought the monsters in the night.

Chapter 4: The Mining Expedition
Steve was tired. He had been fighting everything from zombies to pigs. He had lots of things from raw porkchops to dirt. He went into a cave and saw a weird mossy thing. It had a chest in it though. He got closer in curiousity and zombies spawned around him and ganged up on him. He fought and then broke the spawner. He got iron and more.

Chapter 5: The Village
Steve found a village with strange caveman squidward looking thing. "Who are you?" he asked. "I am Element, would you like to trade your dirt for a spork?" replied the villager in a voice that sounded like Dan Lloyd. "Ummm...Okay," said Steve.

Chapter 6: The End
What is this place, wondered Steve he was in a stone brick castle with a portal in the middle. He jumped in the portal. There was a giant dragon attacking him. He fought with all his might to attack to the dragon until the dragon died.

Chapter 7: The Flashback
By defeating the dragon, Steve got back his memory.
So before,  Steve had been sitting on his couch and watching TV when he fell asleep. Then a man with white eyes was watching him then it happened. He threw fireballs at Steve's town. Even the world. He sent spiders, zombies, ghasts and every other hostile mobs at the humans. Then a bearded man named Notch rose from the ruins of the city. "If it isn't my brother, Herobrine," he said. "Ugh, Notch you always ruin the fun of destroying the world," said Herobrine. "Oh well. Guess I have to kill you too." Herobrine charged at Notch, but Notch dodged the attack. "This is the end, but I will send one human to the new world, a blocky world I will make," Notch said. Then the world turned white and the world turned blocky.

Chapter 8: The Actual End
Steve felt anger rise in him. That white-eyed man. He was watching Steve NOW. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Steve charged at Herobrine and felt him die.....But then he rised back with a black demonic sword. "You dare defy me, I AM GOD!" said Herobrine. "Hey you," said someone. "Last time I checked you were Herobrine not Sonic.exe." "Notch," snarled Herobrine. "I've waited for this moment for years....NOW I CAN GET REVENGE!" Notch pulled out a spear and charged Herobrine. Steve got up and looked for his diamond sword. He found it on the ground. Herobrine knocked Notch down. "Now," snarled Herobrine. "I can KILL  you!" Herobrine raised his sword, but ended up having another sword in his chest. "That was for the old world," said Steve pulling out his diamond sword with black blood on it. "No," said Herobrine. "I WILL KILL YOU SOMEDAY STEVEN BLOCK!" And with that he fell to the ground, dead.


Chapter 9: Epilogue
Steve was back on his couch. TV on. And the world was normal. "Thank you Notch!" he yelled. For his purpose was done. But inside he thought maybe it wasn't.



Coming Soon: The Story of Steve 2: The New World

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Update #1 : 10/06/2014 6:23:59 pmOct 6th, 2014

Expanded Story by a lot.

10/06/2014 6:53 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Miner
Also anyone tell me if you get the reference in Chapter 5.
12/11/2014 7:11 am
Level 33 : Artisan Ranger
Caporal Dxl
Oh, I see what you were going for. Good job!
12/11/2014 10:24 pm
Level 39 : Artisan Miner
Have a spork :P
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