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The story of the Bulgarian Warrior

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Level 34 : Artisan Vampire
The story of Tyrannic's great rival began in 1912, when the Bulgarian Worldwide Line went into steep decline due to its outdated ships. Then their ex-president (who retired several years earlier) made it become clear that companies like White Star Line would soon absorb them completely. It was decided they should wait for their latest ship - Titanic to be deemed a total loss in some way. It soon happened, enabling BWL's eagerness to start updating their ships. Soon though, a plan came. Said plan was for a liner more than 320m long, able to contain all BWL liners built up to now in itself, with seven funnels, speed over 25 knots and being able to contain over 3700 people in itself. Its tonnage was expected to be around 400 000 tons, due to the triple hull they planned to use. The design of the watertight doors was mostly the same as Titanic's but the bulkheads and the hull were built almost as thick as a cruiser's armor. The ship would have been equipped with abnormally huge and poweful triple-expansion engines (in total 16 - four per propeller, 4 propellers in total). By 1914, its tank top was already done and the upper hull was in progress of about 45 percent when the Great War broke out, which caused the BWL to pause the ship. After the Great War, constructuion commenced again, with a new cruiser-type stern added, length increased to 397m, and only two propellers were rotated by engines - the other outside two were rotated by turbines. In 1921, it was launched, causing a huge wave, which destroyed the seaside houses in the city of Bourgas, Bulgaria - its launch site. After this accident, everyone thought the 'Queen' would be nothing more than a weapon of mass destruction due to its huge tonnage, which after completion reached 1 million tons, due to the fact each cabin was machined out of a steel block, and then attached to the other parts of the ship. In 1923, the ship was ready for trials. They showed several problems with the joints where the machined-steel cabins were attached to each other, which was soon fixed, and on 3rd February 1924, the ship was ready to set its maiden voyage - Bourgas - Antwerp - Southampton - Queenstown - New York. The ship arrived in NYC after exactly a week, with average speed 35 knots, much more than the expected. BW's career commenced peacefully, until the Great Depression struck. From its 7000 people capacity on board, there was a case in which it sailed with only 75 people on board. In 1932 it was sold for scrap, and in the last moment, Bulgarian Navy stepped in, buyed the ship, cut its masts down, and rebuilt it as a cruiser, just to participate in World War Two, with capacity of 25 000 troops. After the war, it was once again an ocean liner, and though still as reliable and fast as it was before, it was showing its age. But it didn't get scrapped. It survived the war without taking a single hit, but sinking many german submarines. How is such a lucky ship going to get scrapped? No way! It was used as an ocean liner, but retained the gray color scheme until 1971, when conversions for a cruise ship went on. Its bridge was moved down - the A and B deck's edges removed to accomodate a modern lifeboat housing, the last fifth funnel was cut down from the inside and used as a water slide. The ship was repainted white with a cyan line and cyan funnels with white lines. Modern masts and locating devices were added, but the ship retained its old steam turbines, added after WW2. This until 2009, when it was decomissioned from the Navy (It was still counted as a Navy ship, it wasn't decomissioned immediately after WW2). In 2009, the Bulgarian Warrior was showing her age, and several accidents happened - the final nail in its coffin was a lifeboat which fell through the decks and killed 10 people on the spot. For such an old ship, she was still in a good condition but this accident took it out of service. But she wasn't scrapped because of the high price the scrapyard would have to pay and the difficulties they could meet. The Great Rival of Tyrannic - or more exactly what remains of her can be found in the side docks of Bourgas Harbour, slowly rusting away.

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yeah it's alright i guess
i adore this history ;) can you put this map in download plz ?

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