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The story of Verdistis

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The story of Verdistis
A historical overview

Eons ago, there was a small nation of humble people, living deep in the mountains. They lived secluded and isolated from the rest of the world in the protective halls of stone far under these rocks. This was Verdistis.

Many thought that their growth was somewhat stunted, but Verdistis was home to many great scientists and masters of the art of construction. This hidden place harboured powerful technologies, and some might argue that it rivalled even the works of the greatest Daggerlander mechanists. But Verdistis remained hidden for many years to come. Their wealth seemed to be endless; under the mountains were located many rare and valuable ores. There also was an unnaturally high amount of "red gold", which was actually no more than red coloured clay. But the builders of Verdistis knew very well how to handle this material, and so it became famous as red gold.

Since the foundation of the nation near eight centuries ago, the residents of Verdistis believed there to be an endless and catastrophic war raging upon the surface. Many historians believe that this was the case upon the founding of the city, but of course, the war finished long ago. None set eyes on the surface though, none asides from the ancient ancestors, the very founders of the city. These circumstances however, would soon change.

Not so long ago, a devastating earthquake shook the very core of the mountain. For the miners of Verdistis had been too curious, and had struck the very heart of the mountain. The earthquake destroyed the vast majority of the once majestic halls, killing hundreds in the horror and devastation that followed. Miraculously, some survived the initial quake, and avoided the falling debris. In their despair, they started to dig a tunnel to the surface. As soon as they left their tunnel, it collapsed, sealing the city behind them forever.

As they emerged from the wreckage of their lost home, a fresh sight met their eyes. The starlit, night sky was new and wondrous to them, and the sight of the firmament let them forget their pain for a while. Wind and stars; none of them knew such things and they were fascinated. They rested for many days, and set up camp outside of their tunnel before deciding to rebuild their once great city. The town would be named after their halls: Verdistis. It now sits besides the mountain where once they had found safety, and so these jagged rocks give them protection still. Parts of the collapsed tunnel can still be seen today.

It was not long until they met the first people of the overworld. The city is located in the nation of Aloreh, whose citizens welcomed them and their technology and skill with open arms. The High Mediator of Aloreh offered them assistance, and so, 38 years later Verdistis has become a beacon of culture, prosperity and advancement throughout Ao therys.

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CreditCreeperCarole for proof-reading :), Preselier for helping to rewrite it. :)

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Update #1 : 05/20/2013 3:57:02 amMay 20th, 2013

The lore has been rewritten, thanks to Preselier.

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Hm.... I like it. Diamonded...

But is it possible to dig into the mountain back into the halls? Because that would be really cool.
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Cool. c:

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