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The Tale from a Piglin

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chodingstudent avatar chodingstudent
Level 15 : Journeyman Archer
Day 1-The day I found this thing

Uh… hello? I am one of the Piglins who live in a place called ‘The Nether’, as the stranger said. I found this thing(it says it is a book.) and was curious. An unfamiliar guy, surely not us, dropped this when he died. He came to our place and saw us. He looked confused as though we weren’t here before. Well, I consider it wrong because we were here all the time.

That guy, who came to our place, saw our box that contained gold. Then, he started doing the thing we couldn’t even imagine. He started stealing our gold! It was very rude. We earned it by working hard. Then, boom! That stranger is taking all of that? Impossible! Our family acted before thinking. We attacked the stranger with our swords. Even though some of my brothers and sisters got injured, the stranger was dead for good. Well, I think I will finish the writing for today.

Day 3

Oh, Pigod! I totally forgot about this book! I was busy mining and hunting. Yesterday, we went to mine some gold near our place. My other families stayed home because we didn’t know when the stranger will come back and take an act of revenge. They looked worried a lot.

Today, I studied about the book I found from the stranger. I was named ‘The Nether Update’. The book was about our home. I think the species of them called our place ‘The Nether’. It contained facts that were so, like, the ‘of course’ things. About the forests near us, the fires and golds found in the ‘Nether’, the pigs of us, and some more things. The stranger called them all ‘The New Features’, but that was all around us from the beginning. Well, maybe the stranger was from another world and is curious about us. I will write about other things later.

Day 4

Hey, I found out that I forgot to introduce myself for the whole time! I know that no one will be reading this, but who knows? Maybe this will be a historical thing, or this book is alive. I am Dexter Piglin III. I was named after a great Piglin who first found the gold in our history. He died while mining gold because a crazy Wither Skeleton attacked him for no reason. After that, we became offensive to the Wither Skeletons(However, we were weaker than them).

Us Piglins were the first to find gold and were able to thrive through time. I am vary proud of this fact. Other pigs got extinct, stayed as beasts, or disappeared. The disappeared ones walked with four legs, didn’t seem to like gold, and like food more. They were also told to be very tall at first. Oh, my mom is calling me for dinner. See you later!

Day 5

Today.was.awesome! I and my 2 sisters went with the other Piglin families to mine gold. The last 4 days were not pretty good. The golds we found and marked the place for the next time just disappeared! I thought it might be the stranger a few days ago, but it couldn’t be. He didn’t seem to have gold, so he won’t be able to make a pickaxe.

Like the other four days, we were just walking around finding golds that won’t exist anymore. In anger, I dug a random hole in the ground. And there was it! Golds! A lot! We built a simple mine and found that there were more golds deeper. The other Piglins said that I found the most gold in history! I am going to be in the ‘Great Piglin’ list! See ya later!

Day 6

Hm… I don’t have anything to say about today. There wasn’t actually something new. We just went hunting for food and mined in the giant gold mine I found. We got tons of gold even though we haven't mined 1/10 of the gold. We also found more golds near the mine, so we decided to make a camp near the mine and stay there for a while. I am now waiting to get food from the cook. See you later.(Don't complain how short this is. There wasn't anything special!)

Day 9
You will see that I have not written things in my book for a long time. Really, there wasn't anything to write! We just mined, mined, and mined. After 2 days of mining and not writing what happened, I thought that I will totally forget that this book existed if I didn't write anything for days. So, I decided to write about what I read in the other part of this book. Besides the part about our home, There were things about The world the stranger might have lived. There were plants there too, but more green, not blue or red. They had this thing called water, which is hard to understand.

The book says that the 'water' thingy flowed like the lavas of our place. However, it was cold and flew faster than lava. It was blue and could be seen anywhere. They had animals more than pig beasts. They called them 'mobs' and I believe they called us like that too. There were 'monsters' that attacked them. The most part was about the Creeper, and how horrible it was. The book said that it came to them without sound and destroyed what they built. There was a drawing of them, and it looked similar to the pigs that disappeared a long time ago. Well, at least the color was different. This was all that was in the book. It was quite interesting. I wish I could go there soon.

Day 10
Today was quite interesting and confusing. We were mining like the other days and some Ghasts appeared and came to us. We were worried because they once attacked us because we came into their territory. Fortunately, they didn't shoot fireballs this time. Instead, they were like, "Hey guys, can you help me? We are now full of fireballs, and if we don't shoot it, we might explode or something. The other Piglins said 'no'. Can you guys let us shoot some fireballs? It sounds ridiculous, but, please?" and we were like"Okay, instead, can you shoot it over there, so we don't lose our gold?" It was cool! They shot some fireballs at the ground and uncovered some more golds.

They looked comfortable like a 'Piglin after farting secretly'. Then, some Wither Skeletons attacked us because the Ghasts shot fireballs and destroyed their temple. Like, just, attacked! The came towards us fiercely. We were scared because they were very strong and we didn't have any swords. We only brought pickaxe to mine golds. Then, this cool thing happened. The Ghasts started shooting fireballs to the Wither Skeletons! It was very funny to watch, the fierceful Wither Skeletons running away from us like pig beasts! We said thanks to them and went back to the village.

Day 11-The last day
I found something! It is something purple-ish thing that kept whirling. The other Piglins thought it might be dangerous, but I decided to go in. I am going to go in now. 3......2......1...... boom! Wait. I feel dizzy. Oh, this is too dizzy. I can't stand it! Aha! It ended now. Finally, I can see something. Hm... It looks interesting. It is bright, really bright, not like lava-bright, but, just, bright. there are Piglins, though they look different. They don't look like Piglins. I think they are not one of our species.

I started to walk around, and watch what are in this world. There are some blue things like lava near the village of the 'different species'. I think it is the water thing that was explained in the stranger's book. The sky is blue, and the ground is green. What a strange place. There weren't any 'monsters' here. Maybe the book was wrong, or I came to the wrong place. This is cool. Okay, now because I saw things in this world, I will go back to my world. I think I will come back tomorrow if my mom lets me. Bye, another world with strange things.

Hmmm..... I wonder what this is. Some pig-monster(which makes no sense) dropped this book while going into the portal our hero made. I read some of the pages, and it was quite interesting. I think there is another kind of people over there, who likes gold. This 'Piglin', who lives over the other world, looks smart. I think I will like to meet him later. Hey, the hero of ours is trying to bargain with me!

Yes, chodingstudent_01, would you by 1 enchanted diamond sword for 7 emeralds? It is a very good bargain for you. Great! Here is your sword.
CreditA Piglin and a Villager.

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