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The Tale of Metallers and Enders

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avatar TheTopHatCat
Level 11 : Journeyman Pokemon
The Tale of Metallers and Enders

Once apon a time, there was two races of humans. The normal ones, without powers, and, the Metallers, who had the powers to summon metal, move metal with telekinesis, and and change the form of how the metal looked, and they could do that, without even touching it. The metallers had they're own country, "Metalania". There were around 30.000 of Metallers, and all of them were guarded by giant ender-creature, called, "Endermites". They looked like big, purple rats, with one big red eye, and they killed everyone that tried to attack Metalania.

Then, in the year of 1986, the king Richard Karl Metaller of Metalania, met a nice and nice danish woman, who was called Anna, and some years later, they got married, and got a child, who was born in 1996, called Kian. Kian had 4 older siblings, Mick, Jake, Anders, and Tanja, but for some reason, Kian was the only one with Metal Powers. Kian would soon become the king of Metalania. 

Then, in 2005, the Endermites had got a new leader, who promised then that they would become even more powerful, if they betrayed the Metallers. Then, one day, one of Kian's servants, Cliff, came in the throne room. -"King Metaller," said Cliff, -"They Endermites are attacking us!". -"What?! No?" said Kian Metaller, -"The Endermites work for us! Have you been out drinking again?". -"No Sir, not anymore," said Cliff. -"Some of our men found out that Dragonia Ender, better known as the ender dragon, and the queen of all enders, have made the Endermites betray us". -"WHAT?!" said Kian. -"We also found out that the princess of the enders got a new little child, when you were 2 years old!" said Cliff. -"Let's announce to the Metallers, that the need to summon weapons and armor. We need to fight back!". 

The fight between the mites and the Metallers had gone on for months, all the way from April to August, the battle lasted. 26 out of 50 Endermites died, and over half of 30.000 Metallers died. Luckily, the royal family survived. Cliff too. And an other servant called Krick. The royal family and the servants retreated, and moved to USA. The year was 2007, and the royal family was one of the "regulars", on the road they lived on, and Kian befriended a witch, and asked her to course the Endermites, and they became 50 times as small as they were before, now they didn't just look like rats, but were also the size of them. But Kian, wanted to see the other land that he also came from, Denmark.  -"Please mom?" asked Kian. -"No," said the mother. -"Please dad?" asked Kian again. -"No." said the father. -"Awww, please? please? please? pls? pls? plz?..." Kian went on and on for a couple hours. -"FINE!" Yelled the parents. -"YEEES!!!" yelled Kian in happiness. -"BUT...!" said Anna, Kian's mother. -"Darnit!" Whispered Kian. -"You can only move there, when you are 19 or older!"
When Kian was 19, he moved to Denmark with his uncle, Jeffory. Kian always wanted to party, but that was why Jeffory was there. then, one day, the princess of the enders, Luna Ender, had taken a trip to Denmark, and what a coincident, she was in the exact same city as Kian, they were both in Esbjerg. Now that could'n't end well.

Kian and Jeffory went shopping for dinner that day. Mean while, Luna also went out for shopping, but for shoes instead. Kian then spotted Luna, but could'n't recognize her. Kian gasped. -"Unc-uncle Jeffrie?" Kian could'n't even speak, of how chocked he was.  -"Yes?" said Jeffory. -"Wh-who iz t-that?" asked Kian speechless. -"I have no ide- wait. You like her!" Said Jeffory Metaller with a voice, that was about to kid someone. -"N-nu i-i do-dond" Kian was still speechless, but now he blushed. -"Srrnnkkk, pfff hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!" laughed Jeffory. -"Shot ap!", shockingly, Kian as still speechless. -"Com'n man, o over and talk to her. - Right after i do this!" said Jeffory, but he said the last part quick. -"Nuh!- Wayt, du was?" asked Kian, who was STILL speechless. Then Jeffory punched Kian in the face. -"OW! What was that for, Jef?!", yelled Kian. -"See? You aren't speechless anymore. You can thank me later." Then Jeffory ran into a shop, with a troll face.

"Hmm.. should i really?", thought Kian, "I mean, he was right though.. Should i? you know what? I'm'ma do it!". Then Kian walked over to her, and said: -"Hello. I don't think we've met before," said Kian. -"No, i don't think we've met either," said Luna. Then Kian thought: "OMG! Her voice is too cute i can't handle it aaaaaaa", but he still stood there anyway. Kian' prepared for a handshake, and they did a hand shake.

Then they talked both at the same time: -"My name is Luna Ender", -"My name is Kian Metaller." Then they both gasped, Kian looked a little more shocked than Luna. -"Oh my god! Finally! I met one of the royal Metaller family members!" said Luna happy. "Wow, even though our clans are dead-foes, she's still happy to meet me. Wow, she's nice," thought Kian, and smiled a little. -"Ever since my grandma made the Endermites betray you guys, i've wanted to stop this war, and i was only 7 year's old! So what do you say? I mean, you're the King of Metallers, you can stop the war if you want," said Luna. -"Hmm... Sounds good to me, but, you're not the queen, we also need her permission to stop the war," said Kian. -"You're right," said Luna. -"Let's go to my grandma." -"Two seconds, i need to tell my uncle about this," said Kian, -"I'll be right back, Luna.

Then Kian went over to his Uncle Jeffory, and said: -"Uhm, Jef?" said Kian. -"Yes?" said Jeffory. -"Remember that girl, that i, umm.. umm.." -"Yes, i remember her," said Jeffory -"Well it turns out, that she's the princess Luna Ender, of all Enders," said Kian. Then Jeffory gasped, -"We need to slay her!" said Jeffory and was about to summon a sword. -"Metaller Summon: Metal Swo-" -"Wowowowowowowowowowowow, calm down, man! She wants to end the war between Metallers and Enders!" interrupted Kian. -"Oh, in that case..." said Jeffory and stopped the summoning. -"We got the permission from me, ofcorse," said Kian, -"But we need to go to the Ender dimension, better known as "The End", to get permission from her grandma, queen Dragon Ender."

It took some days for Kian and Luna to find a stronghold, but they found it. Meanwhile they looked, Kian and Luna found out that they had some things in common, for example that they both liked video games, and they both we're half normal human. When they found it, Kian pulled out some donuts. -"What are you doing, Kian?" said Luna confused. -"Don't worry, Luna. I know a little trick," said Kian, and put the donuts in the end frame holes. Then the end portal began to start. -"WHAT?!" yelled Luna shocked.    -"Unc Jef teached me that," said Kian and jumped right in the portal, with Luna following him.

It took them some hours to find the castle, in the end that was so huge. -"We need to find another portal," said Luna. -"Gosh darnit," said Kian. -"Don't worry, my friend, we just need to find a specific building, some kilometers from here," said Luna. -"Okay, lead the way!" said Kian. Then, when they found the portal, Luna jumped right through, with Kian following her. The stood in the End city, in a Chorus fruit farm, near the castle. -"Hmm.. You look hungry," said Luna, -"Here, grab this." Then Luna grabbed two Chorus fruits and gave Kian one. -"Well yes, i am hungry, thank you. Wait. A Chorus fruit? Those make you teleport!" said Kian.      -"Nope, well.. Atleast not these," said Luna, -"Theese are farmed expertly, it's only rarely that these Chorus fruits teleport you, and, forgive if it does, please?". -"Ofcorse i will," said Kian. Then they ate the fruits, only to find themselfs teleported into the ruins of the Ender castle.

-"What happened here?!" yelled Luna out loud. The Queen, Dragon Ender, was under a big pillar. -"Granny...?" asked Luna, -"Hyy-hyes..?" said Dragonia with dust comming out of her mouth. -"Whait, did yau brindg a medalur?" Dragon was interiorly speechless of how hurt she was. -"Don't worry granny," said Luna, -"We cam her to ask for your permission to stop this war." -"R-rwealy?" said Dragonia, -"yes, the kan end teh was, if you guys help mayh..." -"Ofcorse!" said Kian and use his metal powers, to build the interior end city up again, and then Luna threw a regeneration potion and an instant health potion at her grandmother. And the Metallers, and the Enders, were happily in peace, after that

ο»ΏThe End.
CreditMettatonXYZ, _EGIL16_'s Yandere Highschool Roleplay, 1.9, Metallers, Enders

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Great story! :D
  • TheTopHatCat
  • Level 11
  • Journeyman Pokemon
  • February 20, 2016, 4:54 am
Thanks Little!

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