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Level 40 : Master Blob
  I ran through the shadows to the museum. Tomorrow was the grand opening of the new Dark Magic exhibit, and I wanted to get the special book that would the main thing on display. I jammed my dagger into the locked door and pried it open. They never learned their lesson. When there's a very talented rogue in your city, try putting in some defense with your magical artifacts. I stepped around the obvious alarm system and made my way to the front desk. There was, oddly, no night guard there and I jumped over it and turned off all the cameras and alarms. Then I strode off to the new exhibit.
  There were absolutely no guards. None. Maybe they were testing some new security? If they were, I didn't know what it was and would have to be careful. I pushed back the curtain and saw my target. It was a big black book, pretty ordinary. But just because something looked ordinary didn't mean it wasn't magical. I stepped up to it and examined the pedestal. Didn't look trapped. But I was experienced, and if it seemed like that this rare of a find was just sitting there, it probably had a hidden trap. Behind the pedestal, there was a wire that came from under the book and went to some metal box in the back of the room. A classic pressure trap, and also one of the harder ones to deal with.
  "Phooey," I muttered. I examined the book, then ran back to the front desk and grabbed a stack of museum guides. I judged that the book would weigh about the same as twelve of the heavy guides. Holding them in my hand, I swapped the two things as fast as I could. Nothing happened. No noise. No clicks. And just like that, I was out of there.

  I was running along the rooftops when I first noticed the helicopters. They were equipped with large search lights, and were coming steadily closer to my location. I jumped off the building and landed on the ground with a loud thud as a beam of light passed over my head. Where they looking for me?
  "Specter, come out. We know where you are!" Yep. They were definitely looking for me. But how did they know where I was?
  The book, I realized. I pulled it out and opened it. Behind the cover there was a tracker. The stupid book was a fake. I tossed the book into the bed of a passing truck. Hopefully, they would follow that while I went the opposite direction.
  Sure enough, the helicopters went after the truck. I snuck through the shadows, but there were still helicopters around the area. I'd have to find a place to hunker down and hide until the search calmed down. I pulled up my hood and walked casually to a nearby shop. I went around the back and broke in. I tossed my bag on the floor and sat down. It was going to be a long night.

  The sound of the helicopters had disappeared, but that didn't mean they weren't searching the area. By now they had probably realized I had tricked them. I looked around the shop. I grabbed some sunglasses and switched my long black cloak for a dark red one. I saw across the street several people in dark clothing shining flashlights into windows. I put on my sunglasses and slid across and behind the check-out counter as a beam of light barely missed me. I held my breath.
  That was close, I thought. Outside I could hear them talking.
  "You see anything?"
  "Nope. This is worthless. Does the new guy really think we can catch her?" A new guy? No wonder there was a tracker then. This guy was trying a new tactic.
  Something was said to them through their coms, because they all ran off. I waited for a bit more. Silence. I pulled the hood of my new cloak up over my head and adjusted my new sunglasses. Time to get back to ZeroBase and tell the others what had happened.

  I got back to ZeroBase with no problems. I went into the our little piece of equipment that Gizmo had created that would take care of any other bugs I could have on me, then went inside. I tossed my empty bag against the wall and pull down my hood.
  "Specter! Guys, Spec's home!" Our youngest member we had taken off the streets, who we called Ant because of his shortness, ran up to me. I patted his head. "How did it go?" he asked.
  "I gotta see Morgan first," At ZeroBase, Morgan was our leader. He had been here for the longest, excluding me. I had been here my entire life while others came and went. Ant ran off, probably to tell the others I had arrived back safe, as I made my way to the main room. Morgan wasn't there, so I checked his office. I knocked on the door.
  "Come in," I entered and shut the door quietly, seeing Morgan on the phone with someone who would probably be giving one of the less experienced a job to handle themselves.
  "Hey Specs. Where's the book?"
  "You want the good news, or the bad news?"
  "I'll take the good news first,"
  "I got some new glasses and a new cloak. The bad news is the book was a fake,"
  "A fake! But-"
  "They were wrong. It was a set up," Morgan massaged his temple. I could tell he was having one of his legendary headaches. "There's also a new guy in charge with the police," Morgan waved me away.
  "Yes, yes, could you ask Potion to get me some painkiller?"
  "Sure," I left the room. As I headed to my private sleeping quarters I passed by the infirmary and told Potion Morgan was having another headache. She nodded her understanding and I left her to her job. When I got to my room I didn't even bother with getting changed. Staying up all night took a toll on me and I jumped into my bed. It was time for a well deserved nap.

  The next day, I was woken by someone roughly shaking my shoulder. I rubbed my eyes and shoved them off me.
  "What was that for Specs?"
  "Waking me up," Ant laid on his back. "What time is it?"
  "One o'clock, Specs," I groaned. "Morgan told me to wake you up,"
  "Doesn't he know not to wake me up early?"
  "Yeah. He told me to anyways," I looked at Ant's young face and smiled. He didn't deserve to be with us. He needed a real family. I wiped the little crusty things out of my eyes.
  "Tell him I'll be out in a bit," Ant nodded and ran off. Then I dug through my array of clothes to find something to wear. Whatever Morgan needed me for, it would have to be good. For his sake.
  If not, he should have just remembered not to wake me up early.

  I trudged through the halls to Morgan's office, yet again, and slammed the door open. This time I didn't knock. Sure, he was my boss, but he woke me up. He didn't deserve the courtesy of a knock.
  "I see that you're awake, but I'd prefer you didn't kill me just yet. We have a visitor," I looked at his projector screen, and on it was a figure in a black mask. If Ant had pointed out that I would be entering a meeting, I would have actually brushed my hair.
  "I guess I'll just have to get my revenge later. What's the job?"
  "Assassination?" I nodded at the figure on screen. "I'm assuming?" The figure raised their eyebrows in surprise.
  "That's correct," they said. The voice changer they were using was odd. It sounded much more robotic then the ones others used. "I need Wither gone," Wither? He was the leader of the Black Eagles, which was a much more organized and put together crime syndicate than ours. And, unlike Morgan, he had a multitude of guards and other mercenaries. I would need a team.
  "Cool," I went to shut off the video cam when the figure did the strangest thing.
  "And Specter?"
  "Good luck,"
  I grinned. "Thanks, but we won't be needing it,"

  Morgan rubbed his temples as yet another one of his migraines began. We'd have to hurry up and finish this meeting quickly. Though part of me wanted to keep it going as long as possible, as revenge against waking me up.
  "So I was thinking-" I began, as Ant rushed into the room.
  "Hi! Watcha' doing?"
  "Planning," I said to him. "What do you need?"
  "I wanna help!" Morgan groaned. Loud, happy, energized kids tended to make his migraines accelerate a lot quicker and become worse than they already had been.
  "Well," I said, thinking of a good white lie I could tell Ant before the others got annoyed, "I'm thinking that Morgan needs your help more,"
  "Yes," Gizmo hid a smile under his hand. "He needs you to take him to Potion,"
  "Why can't he just walk?" Gizmo chuckled. I saw Morgan glare at him.
  "Because...his head hurts so much that he can't see," Now Morgan glared at me.

  As punishment for waking me up, I sent Morgan off with Ant. Ant would be loud like he always is, which would make Morgan's headache worse, which would make me smile because of the sweet, sweet, revenge that I had thought of. As soon as the door closed, we all burst out laughing.
  "Poor Morgan," Bullseye said, blinking as she fought back tears.
  I giggled and waited for everyone to calm down. "Alright, where were we?"
  "You were thinking for once,"
  "Ha ha, very funny. I believe it was our exit, right?"
  "Yeah," Gizmo said. I took out my dagger and pointed on the map.
  "So right here," I said, "Is where Wither should be hiding. We're going to enter from the south, then I was thinking that we leave heading east,"
  "But that's the opposite of where ZeroBase is. If we're chased we won't have anywhere to go,"
  "We do have somewhere to go," Gizmo said. He and I were some of the first people who had joined this place. He knew where I meant to lead us.
  "We have 7Base," I told Bullseye. I sat back in my chair. "And that, my friends, is our plan,"

  I checked the time. Soon it would be time for us to leave. I fastened my new cloak on as someone knocked on the door. I bent down to slip on my shoes.
  "Come on in, Morgan," The door slid open.
  "How did you know it was me?"
  "The smell," I said. "You always smell like flowers,"
  "I'm flattered," Morgan replied sarcastically. "I wanted to talk to you about something before you go,"
  "Yes yes yes, I'll take care of myself," I said.
  "Well, yes, but that wasn't the first thing on my mind," I looked at him and raised my eyebrows as he continued. "Why did you make Ant go with me?"
  "You needed guidance," I giggled. Morgan sighed. I could tell that wasn't what he meant by his question.
  "Why didn't you let Ant stay?" I sighed. "I mean, he needs to learn how to do this kind of thing,"
  "He's too young," I said.
  "You were young,"
  "So?" I asked. "He'd get hurt and isn't strong enough,"
  "What do you mean I'm weak?" I turned and looked at the door.
  Shoot. I thought.

  I walked towards Ant.
  "I never said-"
  "You called me weak! You think I'm not ready," he fumed. That was true. I didn't think he was ready for our version of the real world at all.
  "I thought you believed in me!" I sighed.
  "Ant, we'll talk about this later," I said, tugging the straps of my bag over my head. "I really need to go," Ant glared at me and ran off.
  "I'll be going now," I muttered. The good mood of this day had faded.

  Bullseye and I scouted ahead while Gizmo set himself up on a roof of the building. We dashed through the shadows to the southern entrance of the Black Eagle's base.
  "All clear," Gizmo's voice murmured through our com links. I leaped over the fence with Bullseye following after me. "Taking out the cameras now,"
  "I don't think you'll need to," Bullseye said. I looked at her, confused.
  "Why not?" Bullseye flipped down her heat-vision goggles.
  "There's no one here," she said. "But then again, their could be in some secret room,"
  "Why don't you ladies find out then?" Gizmo said. I took out the lock picking kit I owned, which I used for harder to open doors, and jiggled the lock until I heard it click. As soon as we stepped inside, the coms started messing up and emitted a wave of white noise, until Gizmo changed our frequency.
  "To the left," Gizmo said and we began making our way down the halls.

  Bullseye was right. There was no one here. Somehow Wither must have been warned that we were coming. We turned to casually walk out of the building when a new voice took over.
  "Specter, you need to get back to ZeroBase. Now," Morgan ordered.
  "Why's that?"
  "Ant's gone,"
CreditmoeSpoon (for the name Specter)

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05/26/2020 11:18 pm
Level 40 : Master Dragonborn
Blockly Cow
this is actually really good wow
05/26/2020 11:23 pm
Level 40 : Master Blob
thank you! i try my best
04/20/2020 7:10 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Hunter
Speaking of the title, you should read The Thief by Megan Whelan Turner.
04/20/2020 7:11 pm
Level 40 : Master Blob
maybe i will
04/20/2020 7:13 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Hunter
Don't have time to go in depth on it, but believe me it will be the ride of your life.
04/22/2020 11:39 am
Level 11 : Journeyman Princess
04/22/2020 12:26 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Hunter
04/22/2020 12:29 pm
Level 11 : Journeyman Princess
my mom read it with me at bedtime when i was younger
i've read the whole series up to halfway through A Conspiracy Of Kings
04/16/2020 7:55 pmhistory
Level 34 : Artisan Vampire
That's a cool picture and a cool story.
04/16/2020 8:36 pm
Level 40 : Master Blob
thanks, though the picture aint mine i found it on the internet
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