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The Thief of Egypt - Chapter Eight

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If you haven't read my newest wall post, you should probably do that after you read the new chapter. But for now, I hope you all enjoy!
(I actually still don't remember what happens I haven't opened this doc since last week and that was only to post the seventh chapter lmao)

And as always, I DON'T OWN YU-GI-OH! Sadly. xD

''One more move, and the Prince dies,'' the manager grinned sadistically as Atem was stiff with shock and terror. Anat growled at the man.

''Let him go,'' Anat demanded. The man pushed the blade further into Atem's neck, who quietly whimpered. The man laughed.

''The Prince, now captured, I wonder how much you'll sell for,'' he mused. Anat's growl became louder.

In the timeframe of three seconds, Anat had knocked the man back, accidentally causing the man to cut a small line into Atem's neck, making him bleed a tad, and freed Atem from his grip. She took Atem's hand and they quickly dashed out.

Rushing through the crowds, with guards on their tails suddenly, they made their way outside and back into Khemet. They managed to raise their hoods up and lose the guards. Dashing into a back alleyway, the two caught their breath - or, at least, Atem tried to.

‘’Let me see that,’’ Anat told him quietly, reaching for the hand wrapped around his neck. He carefully took his hand away, and Anat wrapped a bandage around his neck. The two of them sat there on the ground in silence for a few moments before Atem looked up at her.

‘’You realize this is your fault, right?’’

‘’My fault?’’ Anat recoiled. ‘’How is this my fault? If I recall, you’re the one who asked me for help in infiltrating that place!’’ She began to stand up. ‘’I guess you’re just like all the other princes.’’

''What-'' Atem started, but Anat had already walked off, leaving the cloaked Prince of Egypt in the alleyway.

The Prince sighed and got up, being careful of his bandaged throat, and quietly slipped out into the streets. All around him, vendors called out their products and prices, trying to entice people to buy their things. The Prince stopped, swearing he could've heard a whimper.

Slowly, he made his way into a shack, lifting up the rotten wooden slab which had blocked the entryway. Inside, two small black-haired, slightly tanned girls huddled, obviously very scared and cautious of the stranger that had discovered their home.

The Prince let out a small breath and sat down, holding out his opened hands. ''See? I don't have any weapons, I promise,'' he reassured. Slowly, the younger of the two crawled forward and took his hand, and smiled when he squeezed her back. He hefted her into her lap, playing with her as the elder sister sat closer to him.

''You're very trusting to two girls who are hiding from the world,'' the elder smirked. The Prince chuckled lowly.

''I do not judge people by their race or attitude, but by their actions,'' he replied, and that made the girl smile.

''My name is Eliza, and the one in your lap is Junia,'' the elder said, and the Prince smiled, removing his hood which made both girls gasp.

''My name is Atem,'' he said. ''Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything,'' Atem promised. He held out a hand to Eliza, who looked at it warily, and then him, and then took his hand. He stroked the top of her hand with his thumb, and the girl relaxed.

''Why are you out here in the streets?'' Eliza asked. Atem sighed and told her his tale of joining with the Thief of Egypt, confronting the slave master, and him accusing Anat and getting lost.

''No offence, but she's kinda right,'' Eliza grinned sheepishly. Atem sighed and hung his head.

''I know that. But now I have to go find her, where she could be anywhere in Khemet!'' Atem said exasperated. Junia tugged at his bangs a little and it made him focus on her.

''My mommy used to teww me that a fwiend was someone cwose to uu, but a twue fwiend was da pewson uu gave uuw wife to,'' Junia said, and it made Atem's eyes widen at the small child's wisdom.

''You… really love the Thief, don't you,'' Eliza realized, smiling. Atem looked up, shocked, and nodded.

''I haven't had the chance to admit it yet, you know, but…'' he trailed off with a sigh, a small smile playing on his lips. Eliza placed a hand on Atem's shoulder.

''A friend is a partner, someone who you're close with. But a true friend is the one person you would give your life for,'' she said. ''You'll find her if you look for her.''

Atem smiled, and nodded, standing up after Junia tumbled off his lap. ''Thank you, you two.''

''If you don't marry her before you ascend the throne, I'm gonna come and haunt you in your work, y'know,'' Eliza threatened.

''I'll keep that in mind,'' Atem grinned, and left the small domain, but where he was sitting, a small bag of coins laid.

Back on the streets, the cloaked Prince of Egypt wandered the roads, looking for his temporary partner. Suddenly, he was pulled into a dark alleyway buly some men, who were laughing.

''Looks like we caught a good one,'' one man said.

''Yeah, he'll sell well on the market,'' the other grinned, and the Prince's eyes widened, realizing they were from the slave market.

''Let him go,'' a feminine growl said from the entrance, where the Thief of Egypt stood, a sword in her hand, and a murderous look on her face.

''Don't tell us what to do, girly!'' the first guy shouted. The Prince chuckled, and the two men let go, backing away, knowing who the voice was.

''You should listen to her. After all, you just tried to kidnap the Prince,'' he smirked. The two men gulped.

''Permission to go at them, Your Highness?'' Anat smirked. The Prince chuckled.

''Of course, my desert rose,'' he replied, and with that, the two burly men fled. Atem lowered his hood and sighed.

''I'm sorry Anat, I owe you an apology,'' he said.

''Yep,'' Anat smirked. Atem rolled his eyes.

''I shouldn't have tried to blame it on you, it wasn't your fault…'' he trailed off, and Anat knew he actually looked ashamed. She smiled and grabbed one of his hands with her own and squeezed it.

''It's fine, Atem. Now, what do you say to getting out of here?'' she grinned. Atem chuckled as they put their hoods back over their heads and headed back into the marketplace.

''I'm down, my desert rose.''

Oh right, this was my attempt at angst-

I don't usually say this because I'm too humble (xD) but reviews are welcomed.
(But I won't spoil, so don't even try asking what'll happen, I have this thing outlined until, like, chapter 42. XDDD)

Hope y'all enjoyed! ~Teal (yes, i go by Kuya as well, Teal is for writing-)
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