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The Thief of Egypt - Chapter Seven

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Uhm, good news! I have full access to the original manga for Yugioh for the rest of July and August, so... yay? XDDDD
As I said a couple minutes ago to this writing, I will be working on my new stories Storywriter and A Vessel for Two. Y'all should vote, because I kinda just wanna work on only two stories, not three. XDDD

Anyways! Enough about my sad writing life (XD), I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh! I do own my awesome OCs Anat, Karmi, and Tushi, though!

Enjoy! x3

With a plan set in motion, the Prince quietly slipped from the palace of Khemet in the stillness of night. All his regular gold gone - save for his bracelet - he scampered away into the darkness.

Following the glow of the smiling moon, the Prince arrived at the town square, deserted, except for a few mice and rats of the sort.

''I didn't think you'd be here so soon, Prince,'' the Prince turned to see the Thief, smirking at him from under her cloak. He placed a hand on his rapid heart, which was high for two completely separate reasons.

''You scared me, desert rose.''

''That wasn't hard to see,'' his desert rose smirked. The Prince rolled his eyes.

''Where are the others?'' the Prince questioned. Two figures stepped out of the shadows and into the pale moonlight. The Prince identified the two as the Shadow Thief and the Tiny Thief.

All four hoods lowered under the celestial body hanging in the sky, and Atem, Anat, Karmi, and Tushi all greeted one another.

''So is your disguise just keeping your hood up?'' Karmi questioned. Atem nodded. ''...Okay then.''

''Look, I just asked you all to do this last evening, so neither of us had an incredibly long time to plan these details out,'' he replied. Karmi groaned, facepalming. Anat was laughing and Tushi just seemed mildly confused.

''Okay, are we all set?'' Anat asked. Everyone nodded, raising their hoods up. The three Thieves and the Prince took off into the night.

''Do you know where this place is?'' the Shadow Thief questioned. The Prince nodded.

''I heard about the ring from the guards, and they told me where it was too. I told them to send a squad over at daybreak, so we don't have long, either,'' he replied, leading the way over the rooftops of Khemet.

The journey lasted about ten minutes, and they reached the castle gates. With the Prince's help, the group of four managed to slip by the guards and outside of Khemet.

Five more minutes passed, and the Prince halted them in front of a shack. The Thieves nodded to each other, then turned to the Prince.

''Okay, here's the plan; we're gonna sneak inside, and then Karmi and Tushi are going to free the slaves while you and I deal with the boss. Sound good?'' the Thief of Egypt explained. The Prince nodded.

''Alright, here we go,'' the Shadow Thief whispered, and they opened the run-down door of the shack. They were surprised to see just a staircase, descending into the darkness below. The four looked at each other and nodded, and went down the stone stairs.

A few minutes passed before they could finally see the bottom. They were surprised to see a crowd of people bustling about, along with calls for slaves ringing out. The underground room was spacious, the size of a warehouse perhaps. The two split up, the Shadow and Tiny Thieves going one way, and the Thief and Prince of Egypt going the other.

''I can't believe that this was going on under my nose,'' the Prince growled as they shuffled past the crowds. The Thief slightly gagged at the smell wafting through the underground area.

''It's been going on under all of our noses. But how did you find out about this?'' she questioned the hooded royal walking beside her.

''Overheard some guards,'' he shrugged. ''They overheard it from some other people, and were gossiping.''

''Guards gossip?''

''What, do you think they just stand around like statues all day?''

''That is the presumed stereotype, yes.''

''Is another stereotype that I'm 'incredibly hot'?''

''Oh, people fall for you left and right,'' the Thief smirked. The Prince groaned.

''I hate those people.''

''Don't we all.''

The rest of the wall was spent in a peaceful silence. Eventually, the two finally stood in front of a metal door, with the word 'MANAGER' written on the front in hieroglyphics.

The Thief knocked on the door, a voice grumbles for them to come in. The two walked in, and the man looked up from his papers. He was quite fat, and all over his face, greed was written.

''Oh? And who are you?'' the man grinned, disgusting them a bit.

''Our names of our no concern to you,'' the Thief quickly replied. To the Prince's credit, he didn't look confused and played along.

''And what brings you two into here?'' the manager continued to grin. The two looked at each other, and the Thief shut the door, standing guard in front of it.

''What gives you the right to have an illegal slave ring?'' the Prince demanded, slamming his hand onto the wooden desk separating the two men. The manager stiffened.

''Who said it was illegal?'' he shot back, glaring at the hooded figure in front of him.

''I did,'' the Prince replied, tugging his hood down. The manager gasped at the real identity of Atem, and his eyes widened further when Anat revealed herself as well.

''Y-your majesty! I-I swear, this is all perfectly legal!'' the man stuttered, but all three room occupants knew he was lying.

''You know slave rings are not permissible in Khemet, now explain yourself,'' Atem growled. The man gulped, but smirked when he seemed to notice something.

Within the span of two seconds, the man had Atem caught, the burly arm almost suffocating the tanned royal's chest, and a dagger to Atem's throat. Anat's eyes widened.

'"One more move, and the Prince dies,'' the managed swore, a sadistic smile on his face. Atem could only stand there, stuck and in shock, while Anat glowered at the manager who was holding the royal captive.

A move had to be made.

AHHHH SWEET DRAMA!! I know i should probably give y'all another chapter-


Hope y'all enjoyed! And stay tuned next week for the end result! ~Teal
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