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The traitor who stole a base {A TRUE STORY!!!}


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Level 32 : Artisan Ranger
Your on a faction server with pvp and griefing as well as raiding, you and your friend built a huge base that was previously griefed and abandoned, you restore it with 4 days of hard work (not minecraft days) and finnaly you can thrieve here without asking for help, with that you invite more friends to help and come across a moderator, he helps you out by improving your farm, as well as improving yeilds, he comes with a few gifts diamonds, diamond chest plate, diamond pants, diamond boots, diamond helmet and diamond tools as well as melon seeds and iron, lapis, gold, redstone, coal, lava, water, and a monster spawner.

"Your base is pretty nice" says the Moderator
"however it did take a long time to fix up"

After a while u became allies with this moderator, he enters your mine shaft and as you start to build something above the ground he comes back with a diamond sword and slices you on the back, he claims your land and with that losing your base as well as some 3 stacks of diamonds, a heck lot of wood, a monster spawner, diamond armour, diamond tools, and mostly everything your friends have. Luckily you know the way to your base and go back and attack him with your friends, as he is a moderator, he uses god mode and hacks to kill you and your friends effectively taking over your base as well as your faction home, with no place to stay you live at spawn and noticed that your ex ally has left the game. your base has infact burned down to the ground and no longer exsists, except for pieces of glass that was part of your farm, some obsidian frame that you used to get to the nether and a huge crater on the ground. Then you notice a sign,

It reads:

Sorry about the traitor incident i hope we can become allies
BTW your faction diamond armour is in your chest.


its is not and the moderator is no longer to be seen again

you still think of what happened that faithful day when you got betrayed and you have now a cobble stone base surrounding a tower with a mob farm below, yet there was no end and no allies where formed

This is based on a true story, without names due to respect for the moderator

This all happened on a server



this server is still under development since the owners computer crashed
Credit:johnlier for hosting this server

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Poor you guys what an idiot of a moderator.
  • Tomsomad
  • Level 23
  • Expert Ninja
  • March 11, 2012, 4:20 am
that happense to me all the time :'C

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