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The true beauty of being a Minecrafter - What makes me a Minecrafter?

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What makes me a Minecrafter

What makes me a Minecrafter? Before I answer that, let me ask you this. What makes us want to be a Minecrafter. This isn’t the story of an ordinary up-to-no-good Minecrafter that is good at playing Minecraft. This is not what defines us as a Minecrafter. Every Minecrafter has a story and each story is different no matter how similar they seem. I could say I am a Minecrafter because I like building and griefing and PVP battles. Why do I like this game and what motivates me to play this every day? What makes this game fun, and so addicting despite not having an objective?

I hated Minecraft

I hated Minecraft. When Minecraft became popular in the 1.5 version, I raised an eyebrow. How could a game become so popular worldwide considering it lacks a proper storyline and an objective? This game known as Minecraft was praised by the critics. Some people even worshiped it as a ‘game developed by the hands of god’. I looked away and held on to the opinions that came from the people who hated Minecraft. At this moment in time, there were two kinds of people. Those who played Minecraft and those who hated Minecraft. I was surrounded by the haters of Minecraft. For all games, there is a similar pattern. You will dislike a game popular among the small children if you haven’t played it. People say this game is a time waster, an eye destroyer and a way for companies to make money from the privileged and the spoiled to the understanding and the prodigious children. For the longest time I had my doubts, but little did I know I had underestimated the gem of a game known as ‘Minecraft’.

What happened after that…

It happened one day. I decided to watch Minecraft let’s plays, tutorials, mods and adventure maps on YouTube. The diversity and the creativity I had witnessed was too much. The videos’ contents flowed through the screen into my brain was like a soapy fluid and scrubbed every part of my brain until it was stripped of the criticism stuck to my powerhouse and rubbed off the final pieces that clung to the ends of my cerebrum. The grey matter that was once infested by the thorns of denunciation have been plucked, burned and replaced by Minecraft ideals. You could say I was brainwashed.

I got Minecraft

I asked myself that day if I wanted to play Minecraft. For once in my life, I had remained nonchalant through my thinking process. Let me be down-to-earth with you. I asked myself this one year after I saw those videos. I was not excited. I was neither willing to buy nor willing to become a Minecrafter. Frankly i don't give a damn. I was fastidious. Did I want to spend my money on a game I wouldn't play all the time? No. Did I want Minecraft to play with friends? Yes, yes I did. My friends gave me a Minecraft account for a demo. He said I could have it if I liked it. Honestly, I hated it. I couldn't move and I didn't know how to play. This game was too hard for me. I quit and I never looked back. Through my sore eyes I broke my promise to never look back. I sat down, learned the basics and started to punch wood. I punched every single piece of wood I could find. I build a dirt house. I started out as a noob. I gained knowledge through the Minecraft wiki and became sick of the never-ending overworld. I explored the nether. From the lurid ghasts to the ‘gregarious’ pigmen. I was a spartan and I defeated the ender dragon. I built cities from bedrock up, created a world full of floating structures, ventured deep into caves and built a big underground village. Does Minecraft ever get old and will it ever get old?

I love Minecraft

Minecraft will never get old as long as the updates run through, the audience grows and the popularity promulgates. I do not like Minecraft only because of the content it holds. I like Minecraft because of the people who play this game and help each other when needed. Playing Minecraft gives you a sense of euphoria. Let’s not forget to address the pink elephant in the room, Planet Minecraft. After the release of Minecraft many wikis and posts about the game have grown. It is like seeing a game develop from your hands. Minecraft is a seed. After you plant it into your brain, it grows and grows until you have a plant. The true beauty of Minecraft is its ability to make itself turn upright when things go perfectly wrong.

So… what REALLY makes me a Minecrafter?

Clearly I’ve told you about the gem of a game known as Minecraft. I still haven’t answered the question what makes me a Minecrafter. I like this game. If you are reading this, you probably do too. Now, let me ask you this. Why do we continue playing this game? Not because we want to or because it allows you to make whatever you want from scratch. Minecraft is just like life. YOU make the objectives in life and YOU set your goals. Minecraft isn’t just about the game. It is a goal setter. Make a house? I can build it in one hour. Make a castle? I can in three days. Once our goals have been set and our creation is complete, do you not feel the flurry of excitement and honor of making something by yourself? Out there, there are those successful people who create companies and tools such as Facebook, YouTube, google, etc.. Minecraft isn’t a go-to game and let’s fight to the death. What really makes me a Minecrafter is the ability to make goals. By accomplishing what I desire and striking down the obstacles that are in my path, I will succeed not only in game, but also in real life. Minecraft is a psychological game that tests people’s ability to do simple tasks. I am a Minecrafter because I can lead the way. As a leader to a team player, I can do anything. This is the true beauty of Minecraft and what should make you a Minecrafter.

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08/31/2016 3:04 pm
Level 16 : Journeyman Procrastinator
AptAlbatross avatar
makes meh cri evry time. ;-;
08/20/2016 1:22 pm
Level 1 : New Network
_Xeroff_ avatar
Is the D word a cuss word?
08/22/2016 11:53 pm
Level 1 : New Explorer
TLDRPost avatar
You're damn right its a cuss word.
08/19/2016 9:52 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Nerd
Strauss avatar
It is against the rules, so please don't cuss
08/19/2016 10:32 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Crafter
HipYaYip avatar
OK, next time I will remember that. I don't think I can edit the post, so I guess if any of the judges read this, i'm sorry.
08/19/2016 9:52 pm
Level 13 : Journeyman Nerd
Strauss avatar
Don't swear
08/19/2016 8:12 pm
Level 25 : Expert Narwhal
DeRpYPeeWee avatar

But are you allowed to swear on PMC....?
08/15/2016 10:25 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
DonkeyMonkeyFunky avatar
WOW i love this u should get first
08/15/2016 5:18 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Crafter
HipYaYip avatar
Thanks! I worked really hard on it.
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