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The Twins

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avatar Grimwolf_666
Level 18 : Journeyman Dragon
All day we waited, in the car, at the restaurant and back in the car again. We were going to the mountains. Our parents set this up, I don't necessarily know why but...its not like they cared what me and my sister did anyways. That's right I have sister, a twin in fact! And her name is Emma. I'm older than her by five minutes. It doesn't matter what anyone says...we are NOT alike. Sure we have the same blond hair but I dyed part of mine blue and purple and I also have blue and purple eyes next to Emma's soft blue ones. But that's just physical looks. We are totally opposites in personality to. I'm more of a tomboy where as Emma is kinda in between. Oh I just realized, I haven't told you who I am yet. Well I'm Skylar, I don't really like people that much...I see the bad in people whereas Emma sees the good in them. I don't have any friends...except Jane. She's my only human friend. My best friends is my wolf Niko and my raven Skully. I may also have a katana, crossbow, a dagger. Eh what can I say. Btw I'm 12...anyways Emma has many friends but is close with three, Sarah, Cisco, and Matt. She talks with them all the time. I don't really care because I have long conversations with Niko and Skully...yea I have a talent where I can speak the same language as animals, Emma can sense their moods and feelings though. I hear Niko bark. We were nearing the cabin.

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