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The Undead (Season 1)

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KaiOceansword avatar KaiOceansword
Level 41 : Master Dolphin
Lightning flashed across the sky
It was a dark, dark night
Moss Boss, or Mossy for short was running in the night, chased by a herd of Zombies
Nights had been getting more dangerous these days, thousands of mobs were killed each night

KaiOceansword had formed a team of Players to protect the Overworld and their Village, but it only helped a tiny bit. And Mossy was part of that team
Mossy was running through a Plains Biome, the Village was not far
He could hear the sounds of Zombies groaning in the distance
An arrow flew through the air and narrowly missed Mossy

Skeletons were getting dangerous these days, their aiming was getting more accurate each night
Zombies were also getting more dangerous, they deal more damage each night. Now, one hit was enough to kill a Player
Every Hostile Mob was getting dangerous, slowly each night

Mossy drew his Enchanted Netherite Axe, then he heard a "Hiss..."
Mossy dived behind a nearby tree just in time as a Creeper exploded behind him
Creepers' explosion radius now was 20 blocks
"I can't wait to get home" thought Mossy

Mossy spotted the four Watchtowers of the walls surrounding the Village, he ran towards it
An arrow flew through the air just as Mossy left the tree and hit him right in his head
Mossy flashed pink, his health went down 2 Hearts, he had 8 left

Mossy kept running, Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers and Spider were chasing after him
The Spiders were the fastest of the pack, but Mossy was even faster
Soon, the mobs were left behind, Mossy reached the big gates of the Village's Walls and he banged on it

"Name" said a robotic voice, it belonged to the Scanner on the gate
"Moss Boss" said Moss Boss into the Scanner
"Face" said the Scanner
"Mossy stood in front of the Scanner and let it scan his face

"Welcome" said the Scanner and the gate opened
Suddenly, arrows flew through the air and landed not far from Mossy
The mobs were catching up, Mossy ran into the gate and it closed behind him
"I'm safe now" thought Mossy

Mossy walked to the Headquarters, which was in the middle of the Village
The Village was gigantic, it took 1 hour to get to the Headquarters by running
The Headquarter was a tall and big tower, more taller than the Watchtowers of the Village's Walls
Two Iron Golems stood at the entrance, they made a way for Mossy to past

Mossy walked to the elevator, the Pressure Plate sensed Mossy standing on it and pistons at the bottom pushed it up to the second level
The elevator stopped at the second level for 5 seconds and it went up again and stopped at the third level for 5 seconds, it did the same thing again and again

Mossy wanted to go to the highest level, which was the Control Room, also where KaiOceansword was at most times
At the 4533 level, as it stopped for 5 seconds, Cookie walked into the elevator

Cookie's full name was Mr. Nice Cookies, they called him Cookie for short
Cookie was also Mossy's brother
"Hi, Mossy" said Cookie
"Hi" said Mossy

The elevator went up again, after a few minutes, they were at the highest level, level 10000
Mossy and Cookie walked out and the elevator slowly went down to the ground floor again
KaiOceansword, or Kai for short, was at the table along with Mr_Fidd, or Fidd for short

"We've been waiting for you" said Kai "Any news?"
"No" said Mossy "Except that I was chased back here again"
"Mobs?" said Fidd
"Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers and Spiders" said Mossy
"Spiders?" said Kai
"Yeah, spiders" said Mossy

The sun came up into the sky
"That will take care of them" said Fidd
"No, they won't" said Kai "Spiders and Creepers won't catch fire in the sun, except that the Spiders will turn into Neutral"
"That's true" said Cookie

"Why are you here, Cookie?" asked Kai
"My room ran out of Cookies" said Cookie "The Kitchen Level, level 4533, also ran out of Cookies. Need more Cookies"
"Seriously!" shouted Fidd
"Okay, Cookie" said Kai "I'll send an order to the Villager Farmers for Cookies"

Suddenly, the Village's Bell rang
Mossy, Cookie, Fidd and Kai looked out of the window and saw the Spiders, climbing across the walls, and they were not even Neutral

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04/07/2022 12:38 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Engineer
UnitedNationsSpaceCommand avatar
I could be the leader of the United Nations or something!
04/07/2022 12:38 am
Level 13 : Journeyman Engineer
UnitedNationsSpaceCommand avatar
Can I be a part of your next story?!
04/07/2022 1:26 am
Level 41 : Master Dolphin
KaiOceansword avatar
Sorry, but I have about 30 people already
03/09/2022 2:36 am
Level 27 : Expert Creeper Hugger
LittleDino2022 avatar
I am appearing in a season I think
12/31/2021 1:32 am
Level 4 : Apprentice Explorer
AirPaiGosen avatar
This story looks great
12/31/2021 1:33 am
Level 41 : Master Dolphin
KaiOceansword avatar
Thanks, Season 2 is out already, Season 3 is also going to be out after a few hours
12/30/2021 11:04 am
Level 29 : Expert Warrior
Mr_Fidd avatar
season 1 i see
12/30/2021 11:04 am
Level 29 : Expert Warrior
Mr_Fidd avatar
nice its gonna be continued?
12/30/2021 8:34 pm
Level 41 : Master Dolphin
KaiOceansword avatar
12/30/2021 5:20 am
Level 28 : Expert Mage
MrBrickExtra avatar
Nice! Do I appear later in the story?
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