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The Undead (Season 7)

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KaiOceansword avatar KaiOceansword
Level 47 : Master Dolphin
A Dragon was flying in the sky...
But not just any dragon, a Carrier Dragon, one of the rarest dragons in Minecraft
Sitting inside the Carrier Dragon was 13 Players, 12 actually, Kai was sitting on the Carrier Dragon

Kai, Fidd, Ray, Jie, Zack, Giga, MJ, Mossy, Cookie, Icicle, Ender, Alex and Spongie were setting out to find the Gold Crown
The Village's best Legend Teller had moved to another Village a few hours ago

Despite his gigantic size (Even bigger than the Ender Dragon), the Carrier Dragon could fly very fast
They soon caught up with the Legend-Teller, who was riding a Carriage pulled by two Horses
"There he is!" shouted Fidd

But...the Carriage suddenly went under a mountain, into a tunnel
"Land!" shouted Spongie
"No, our feet are too slow for the Carriage" shouted Kai "Zack!"

Zack jumped out of the Carrier Dragon
"Does he have a Grappling Hook?" asked Mossy
"No" replied Ray smiling

Zack spread his arms and legs into free-fall and just before he touched the ground, Zack took off into the sky like Superman
"Potion?" asked Cookie
"Powers!" shouted Kai "Or Special Abilities"
"Why don't me and Mossy have one!" shouted Cookie

Zack swopped down and into the tunnel. The Carrier Dragon flew around the Mountain, it's wings almost touching the Mountain when it turned around a corner
"The tunnel is ending" shouted MJ, who was looking into a Spyglass
They saw the Carriage speed out of the tunnel and turned into...another tunnel

There were two jagged peaks in front of the Carrier Dragon, there were a bunch other Mountains blocking the sides so the Carrier Dragon couldn't fly around the jagged peaks
There was a little space between the jagged peaks, but not enough for the Carrier Dragon
"We need to land" shouted MJ

"No we're not!" shouted Kai "Brace yourselves!"
The Carrier Dragon swopped up into the sky, higher and higher
"It's getting hard to breathe!" shouted Ender
Suddenly, the Carrier Dragon dived down

The passengers lurched up and fell back down into their seats again
Then the passengers tumbled into the front, since to Carrier Dragon was facing down
At the last second before the Carrier Dragon touched the ground, it swopped up again and twisted around a corner and faced...a bunch of Ice Zombies, Strays and Yetis

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01/24/2022 4:45 am
Level 15 : Journeyman Zombie
Supa_Michael AKA Frost Bite
Supa_Michael AKA Frost Bite avatar
Getting intense man!
01/24/2022 4:50 am
Level 47 : Master Dolphin
KaiOceansword avatar
01/15/2022 12:11 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Warrior
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