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The Walls (story) Part 1 - the diamond pickaxe. + level 20 celebration

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Hey guys! Welcome to my story, based on Craftmaster2929's story, the man behind the walls.



And, before we begin, let me say that my story is not copied and pasted.


I awake in a flash, my eyes heavy. I sit up sharply, and look around with confusion. As I survey the landscape, I begin to think I am just in a normal minecraft world. Then I see the sand walls. My heart starts to pound uncontrollably. Where am I? I think. I stand up to see 4 other men looking around as I am. I walk up to one of them and ask: "Where are we?". "The walls" He replies. Then he walks off to get some wood. I head down into a cave I noticed earlier. My eyes come to rest on a chest. I open it with fear. Inside are potatoes, xp bottles and other things. When I turn around I see a man Mining a furnace, to reveal another chest. Turning around, he throws me a diamond pickaxe. I look at it with curiosity. It's glowing. This is no ordinary pickaxe. "Don't you need it?" I ask the man. "No" He replies, smiling. "I'm building us a skybase. Oh, and don't forget to find diamonds!". I stop when he says diamonds. My heart begins to race at the mention of this priceless gem. "Start over there" He tells me, pointing to two cobble stone blocks. I mine them as he leaves the cave. Inside I find an enchantment table and mine it. Going against what everyone says, I mine straight down where the enchantment table was. I fall a few blocks and land on some gravel. 1 block away from lava. I gasp. I begin to edge my way over to where I can see a cave. I nearly lose my footing a couple of times, but I make it, sweating from the lava's heat. I see some iron, and mine it with glee. I make my way across the cave, until I come to a dead end. I mine through the dead end and come into another cave. which is more cramped than the last one. As I mine past some gravel, I notice a glint in the cave. Diamonds. As I run over, a man in full iron armour bustles in front of me. I shout "HEY!" As I notice that the man is mining the diamonds. He takes off after mining them, leaving me shocked. I turn around to see another glint. I wipe my brow in relief, mine them and count them. There is five diamonds there, enough to make a helmet. I set up a furnace, and smelt the iron I found. I craft the diamonds into a gleaming helmet, which I place on my head with pride. I make and iron into a sword and some armour. I eventually cover the rest of my body with shining iron armour. I begin to make my way back up to the surface, not really knowing what to expect.

I think we are just trying to survive in this place. I reach the surface and see 3 men waiting next to the sand walls. I hear a call, and turn around to see a huge skybase. The man who gave me the pickaxe now has full gold armour, and he tells me to come up. He tips some water down and I swim up. "What are we actually doing here?" I ask. "We are fighting other players." I stand still, stunned. Then I hear pistons. "Get ready" The man says, as the sand begins to fall.

Thanks for reading part 1 of my story guys! Now for the second part of this blog.



Thanks to everyone who helped me get this far! The subscribers, the diamonders, the favoriters, the viewers, the commenters, Everyone! Thank you so much!


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CreditGoogle images for the diamond thumbnail, Craftmaster2929 for the idea, Hypixel for making the walls map, google images for the woo hoo, the diamond, the subscribe and the heart.
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