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The War of the Minecraft Dimensions

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avatar TaiserRY
Level 32 : Artisan Narwhal
Hello i'm brandon Leader of the pigmen army and this is my story.
For 1000's of years our army had been in peace in all the worlds, The Overworld,The Nether and the The End.
But one day Finlay a Zombie in the overworld army came to me and told me that a giant army of humans had come and attacked the overworld and said that 1000's are dead. At once i made the builders make nether fortresses and i sent a group of miners to and mine in the overworld in the depths of the earth where they couldn't be found and get us gold for swords. then we cut off all public portals, I waited. We had everything set up, many of us with gold swords and ghasts watching over, Pigmen patrolling and Blazes Guarding the forts. We also had a few magma cubes but they didn't do much...... Suddenly I heard a massive explosion, The humans had come through another portal and used a TNT cannon and blew a hole in one of the bridges. I went over to look i just saw dead pigmen falling eyes still open it was so sudden they just plunged into the lava. This made me almost cry but more then anything this filled me with rage. I suddenly shouted out "Attack!!!!" in Pigmen which to the humans sounded like squels. Suddenly tens of thousands of pigmen charged I thought we would win i saw human's chucked into the lava blazes burning them then suddenly everything turned around. I saw ahuge amount of humans flooding out of the portal. we were being killed easily. I had so much going on in my mind i couldn't think straight i went to my last resort the secret portal. me and about 5 other pigmen and 1 blaze. i Did the code opened the door and we all flooded in i had one last look outside. most of us were dead and the ghasts were being shot at. I shut the door and we all went in to portal.

The Portal lead to a secret room in an over world stronghold. i did another code and a piston door openeonce we all went through it shut behind us. What i saw was horrific i saw thousands of zombies, skeletons and spiders dead. We went around the stronghold and we noticed that there was a skeleton lieing in one of the path ways it was still alive. He was Zane a Sgt in the skeleton archery army. We went over and asked him what happened he told us that the humans had found a way in and attacked us then he pointed to the ender portal and said they went in there. we waited while we bandaged his head up. we walked over to the portal and we saw silverfish around it. they were the only mobs we didn't like they were just annoying around but we just walked around them and stepped on them like they were rats. We walked into the Ender Portal.

We Walked out we were expecting this place to of been run over as well but to our surprise it wasn't. We saw loads of dead humans and Loads of endermen gathering round the enderdragon. The enderdragon had a arrow sticking through its left wing and it was roaring with pain it didn't seem at all fatal but you could tell it was in extreme pain. We asked what happened they said that the humans came through the portal and that they killed them all and lost few endermen but the enderdragon was shot. I am writing this story as i am in the end right now and were sending a search party back to the overworld tomorrow to see if there are any survivors but as for our land we don't know. It's still infested with humans we stand no chance.

Hope you Liked the story and Give diamonds.Leave Comments below and tell me what you think will happen in part 2.

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  • Mez
  • Level 29
  • Expert Archer
  • January 3, 2012, 5:44 pm
Me gusta NICE CONCEPT really makes sense especially how and why nether fortresses exist and the gold sword and omg nice!!!!! i want a part 2 asap lol
I really liked that story... I can't thinkmof what will happen but just kill the humans. Nice story.

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