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The Werewolf

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I know that this has nothing to do with Minecraft but please let me know what you think :)

"We've got to be near the camp now" said Nick. "Yeah we've been walking for hours!" exclaimed Michael. Dan trudged slowly behind. The three of them were going to a scout camp in Brecon Beacons at the age of 15 nothing scared them, almost nothing.

The forest grew bigger and as the night dragged on it went below freezing suddenly they saw a light in the distance above the valley. "Ito s the camp!" yelled Nick, happily.

Further behind Dan stopped and knelt down, suddenly his hand grew and fur sprouted on them, his nails grew into sharp claws and behind him the full moon glowed brighter than ever. Fur grew on his back making no sound at all. His adult teeth grew sharper and longer as he saw two walking piles of meat ahead of him his ears took the shape of a wolf's and then his brown eyes turned into a ball of yellow then he leaped off into the trees flushing out all the animals waiting to be slaughtered.

Further ahead the two boys were walking quickly towards the river when Michael stopped as he saw something move behind the trees he looked back to Nick who was suddenly ambushed from the bushes by a huge beast. Michael ran to help him but the creature turned on him and he was grabbed and held up in the air and a claw swung round and tore into his stomach, Michael screamed out in pain but the beast was no longer interested in him as its yellow eyes caught Nick running away in horror. Within seconds the creature was upon him and clamped its mouth down on Nicks arm, the sharp fangs easily penetrating his skin. Then he was then hurled into Michael

Michael was turned on once again and this time the claws dug into his stomach spraying gore everywhere. Then Nick struggled but the heavy beast was too much for him then his neck received one fatal bite and then his heart gave its last beat and stopped.

The creature threw the two disemboweled corpses off into the trees and then bounded up on to the hill.

The Werewolf let out a long howl at the full moon and then ran off, the blood stained feet covering meters in a second. The hunt had begun.
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