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The Wither's Bane

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SalamanderManiacsYT avatar SalamanderManiacsYT
Level 30 : Artisan Engineer
The Wither's Bane
By SalamanderManiacsYT

  Once apon a time in a mystical land known as Minecraft, there were many creatures: Humans, Zombies, Creepers, Enderman, a Dragon known as The Ender Dragon, a weird skeleton known as The Wither. But our story takes place in the course of the life of a shadow. Let our story begin.
  "What is happening?" I said after the last quake, "It's been like this for hours!" I had a response from a running villager, "It's the portal! The Wither is sending an army to destroy us all!" The Wither. One of the most feared beings. Our village has sent many soldiers to fight him. All of them have perished. All that's left is their withering skull. What does he want with us? I thought to myself. We're just a low lying village living off of potatoes, carrots, and bread.
We need a warrior. Specifically a shadow." Said the governor, Fen. "I volunteer!" were the two words I said before I could stop myself. NO! I can't do this! I'm NOT a warrior! I was soon brought into an armory, where I was equipped with a chain helmet and leggings. Iron chestplate and boots. Iron pickaxe and sword. 20 Steaks.
  I saw it. The portal was no longer normal. The obsidian it was made out of was... glowing? They shoved me inside. It wasn't your everyday Ferris Wheel ride. No, it was like tripping and tumbling down a hill. I lost those carrots I had ate that morning on the way. It felt like days in that seemingly endless torment. 23 minutes had passed by the time I came out of the other end.
  I came out of the portal to find I was in a soul sand valley. It tried growing around my legs to trap me, so I could be eaten but I simply cut the vines. It seemed this wasn't the best place to have a home, and that must be why The Wither wants our village. I knew I was the last hope for our village, and if I wanted to keep it safe, I would have to kill The Wither.
  I found some substance which looked as if it were ancient. It looked pretty strong. I broke some with my pickaxe. I took it and put it on my tools. They seemed alot stronger now. I put some of it on my armor too. Maybe I can defeat The Wither now! I had to explore onward to find The Wither's temple.
  I traversed my way through the soul sand valley and found myself at the end of a red forest. Embers flew around this place. I found some pig person. He seemed very enraged that I was wading through his land. He came charging at me with a sword made out of pure gold. He pounced and before he could fall on me and tear me to shreds, I stabbed him mid-air through the heart. I bolted away from that forest.
  Onward I went, until I found the Nether Wastes. I soon found The Wither's temple, built of almost everything I had found in the Nether. Inside is the next place I was. I found the Wither outside, killing poor, helpless pig people. He knew I was there. "Hello shadow." I nearly jumped out of my armor. He charged me, giving my armor a little scrape. "Netherite, huh? Too bad you wont live long enough to tell villagers what that even is." He charged me a second time.
  The battle raged on for ages. I had dodged everything he sent at me. He sent Skulls of Fire, he dashed me, and slammed the ground to trip me. He used this technique the whole battle. I learned it after a while. He dashed at me and I slammed my sword into the middle of his body. "Well played," were his final words, as he crumbled to glowing obsidian.
  I collected the Star of the Nether and begun my journey home. I decided to collect some things from the temple such as diamonds and gold. Netherite and iron. I carried all that I could. I used some TNT I found to destroy his throne. But the blast was so loud I couldn't hear as the guards came in at an insane velocity. Before I knew it, one had struck its blade straight through the center of my body. The world went black.

The End
CreditMinecraft for the ability to screenshot.

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03/05/2020 6:50 pmhistory
Level 22 : Expert Ninja
Atlantiz avatar
This is very good! Probably better than mine. I should've made an adventure story, lul
03/06/2020 4:03 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Engineer
SalamanderManiacsYT avatar
Thanks for the feedback!
03/04/2020 8:50 pm
Level 19 : Journeyman Procrastinator
Vezriya avatar
Very good! 👏🏻
I'm currently working on my entry. You can read the first chapter of my book here:

I'm still currently working on finishing my book, it's still in progress <3
03/04/2020 9:02 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Engineer
SalamanderManiacsYT avatar
Thanks! I had read your chapter trying to see the competition! Yours is great as well!
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