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The Wizards Maine

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Level 26 : Expert Scribe
--The Wizard's Maine--

Fralio looked at the giant tower, covered with moss, and cracked stone. The young Wizard fixed his robe, and walked into the grand tower. "Hello...?" He said, throwing down his bag on the nearby table, rotting after years of being exposed to the moisture of the tower, which had a massive hole in the wall. Fralio began to walk the stairs, opening the door.

Fralio peeked inside the room, noticing the old man laying down, on the bed. Fralio walked towards the old man. "Master, are you awake?" He asked the old man. The old man looked up at the young wizard, "Before I die, there is..." The old man groaned in pain. "...one final task for you to finish." Fralio looked at the old man, Master Archellious, what is the task?

Fralio left the tower, with the book inhand. "Odd, I'm a wizard, not a courier." He said to himself, before turning back to the old tower. He set off down the path, towards Brinewood. While on the trail, Fralio had seen a young boy, just up the path. Curious, Fralio walked towards the young boy, the path was dangerous, and no place for a young boy. "Boy, why are yo-" Fralio was cut off, and hit on the back of the head with a club.

Fralio woke up in Yorusith, the farthest northern Human settlement, known for it's shady characters. "Heh, looks like he is awake, the ploy worked perfectly!" Said the man in the leather armor. He walked towards the wizard, laying on the ground.

"What is this book!" The man shouted at the Wizard. He looked around the dark, musty room. He noticed two humans, and a dwarf. "Who are you...?" Fralio asked, who then began to have a coughing fit, as the Northern air was to thin for the wizard. "We, are the Brothers of Usmil, the hunters of Magic Weilders, now, why do you have a spell book!?" The man yelled.

"Hah! The boy has no bloody idea!" Said the dwarf, with a hearty laugh. The man in the leather armor turned back towards Fralio, "How did you get this book...?" Asked the man. Fralio saw that the man was pulling out a knife. "I need water." Fralio asked, before coughing. "Get him some water!" Yelled the man.

"Now, how did you get the book?" Asked the man, in a more polite voice. Fralio tried to draw some guidance from the magical energies. "I was promised pay on delivery to an old man in the wild." Fralio said. "Oddly, I believe you. Show us, please. Magical Weilders are dangerous, they kill innocents, and take the blood of peasents!" Said the woman, in the corner. "Why do we need you anyways? Can't you just TELL us how to get there?" Said the women. "Well, this area is guarded, and they'll see me first, before you, if they see you, you'll be surely killed by the mages." Frolio said.

The group walked down the stone road, cold, from the snow. Fralio was anxious, how would Arch-Mage Taaliu respond to him bringing the Brothers of Usmil to the College! *Those religious fools, how could they possibly think us Magic Weilders are evil! We protect people from the evils of this world!* Fralio thought.

"Eh, this looks like a good spot to set camp, throw down the tent." Said the man, who seemed to be the leader of one of these Brothers of Usmil cells. "So, tell me. What are your names? We'll be traveling for at least a couple months until we reach the delivery point." Fralio said. "I'm Gromil Tingo, Dwarf, of the House of Tingo! Follow of Usmil!" Said the Dwarf. "I'm Juliet Marshrose, I use to be a cook, until a Wizard killed my family!" She said. "Oh, that fellow, can't talk. We don't even know his name, oh, and I'm Heyrun Juruon, Master of the Brothers of Usmil!" He said. "Ah, well, I'm Fralio, Courier" Fralio said.

Sleep crept quitely towards Frolio. Frolio began to attempt to contact the Arch-Mage inside his mind. Soon, the Young Wizard appeared to the Arch-Mage. "Arch-Mage, I come with troubling news" Frolio said, quickly bowing to the Arch-Mage, inside the Dream Realm. "Indeed, I've scryed, and noticed the troubles you're incountering. You must NOT bring them here, bring them to the Forest of Forever, where they will be lost, for eternity." The Arch Mage quickly shut his eyes, and the dream was over.

Frolio woke up, with the sounds of the camp being packed up. "Come, we must hurry." Said Heyrun. Frolio got up. "Why, what is the matter?" He asked. "I believe that the faster we go, the better." He said, destroying the campfire. Frolio gathered his goods. And set out with the Brothers of Usmil.

"Up there, what is that?" Asked Juliet. Pointing towards a group of big, hulking monsters. Frolio knew well what they were, Golems, crafted by the Gnolls and Wizards, which went mad, and wiped out all of the Gnolls, deadly monsters. "Quickly, hide!" Said Gromil, getting behind a rock. "Ambush formations."

The group of four quickly jumped the Golem. Frolio knew the Golem would kill them, but he was sworn to defeat all Golems he encountered. But how? He was not strong, and had to use magic. And if he used magic, the Brothers of Usmil would surely kill him. Though, he had to help the group indirectly. He tried going inside the Golems head, and kill him on the inside.

Soon, Frolio was in a massive land, full of destruction, and terror. He could find the Golem in this realm. *Just follow the carnage* He though. After what seemed like hours, he finally caught up with the Golem. "Halt you beast! I am a Wizard of Arcane Magic, and I will not allow you to kill innocent people!" Fralio told the beast. "Ah, foolish wizard. These people are nothing more than worms, and they'd kill you if they found out about your magical abilities. "You're right, but I'm sworn to destroy Golems, not matter what!"

Frolio engaged the Golem in battle, casting Mind Bolts, trying to destroy the Golems mind. The Golem tried to crush the wizard, but continued to miss, due to him being attacked from the Mind Bolts. The Golem soon colapsed, and Frolio began to Banish the Golem, back to the Void, in which they came.

Frolio woke up, with the Golem, laying on the road, dead. The group were confused, how did they defeat a beast, in a matter of seconds? "Impossible..." Said Gromil. "Heart attack?" Asked Heyrun. "Golems do not have hearts, just machine" Said Juliet. The group was in silence, and then turned to Frolio. "No time to waste, we must leave, incase more show up." Said Heyrun.

Again, the group set up camp. "So, Frolio, where do you come from?" Asked Heyrun. "Oh, er, I'm from Whistle." Frolio said, trying to cover the fact that he was lying. "Ah, never been there. Good place?" Asked Heyrun. "Good enough." Said Frolio, and the group began to laugh. "Frolio, what do you think about Wizards." Asked Gromil. Frolio, sat there and thought for a moment. "I do not agree, nor disagree with Magic." Frolio said, "As long as it is for a good use, I'm fine with it." Heyrun laughed. "Magic, is evil. It is always evil." The group chuckled, but Fralio fell silent.

Weeks passed, with nothing happening. Until, they came across the small village of Merryvale, a village of hobbits. Hobbits did not bother people, remained neutral on many subjects, and were great craftsmen, and cooks! The group entered the town, and the Hobbits welcomed them.

"My name, is Balb Frowod, Mayor of Merryvale! Welcome, the Village is currently in a festivle right now, celebrating the Fall Harvest!" Soon, another Hobbit called him, and he rushed towards him. "What a...merry place, perhaps after we finish off all the Magic Users, we can settle here!" Said Heyrun, laughing.

The group settled in the Inn. Gromil let out a sigh of relieve. "Finally, a bed! An actual bed!" He said, clapping his hands, and laughing. The group settled in, and sleep settled in. Fralio got up, and went to the bar, and got a drink. He noticed Balb talking to a robed man, with the symbol of Usmil around his neck. The man removed his hood, and Fralio regonized right away who it was. Grand-Priest Vigal.

Frolio tried to hide his magical energy. Vigal, was a known Magic Consumer. He was able to sense magical energy in the room, and pinpoint its target. He tried to overhear the conversation he was having with Balb. "I was brought here to find a Magic User that is traveling these parts, I can smell his stink from a mile away." Vigal said, sniffing the air around him. "Well, we don't want n-" Balb was cut off, as a knife went deep into his stomach.

Frolio went upstairs, and went inside his room, who he was sharing with the mute. He went inside the closet, hiding. The door flew open, and Vigal walked in, with the clicking of his chainmail. Frolio watched from the closet door, and looked at Vigal, walking towards the mute.

"Heh, a symbol of Usmil. What a liar..." Vigal said. He pulled out his sword, thrusting it into the mutes head, killing him instantly. "I can still smell it, could the whole Usmil cell here be wizards!?" Vigal said, who walked towards the other rooms.

Frolio could hear the screams, as Vigal killed each of them, but he heard him question Feyrun. "A magical book you say, where is it!?" Vigal asked. Frolio was not strong enough to battle Vigal inside his mind. "Sir, please, we are not magical weilders! It has to be the courier!" He said. He soon heard a thud, and he could not hear the voice of Heyrun anymore.

Frolio held onto his book, and left the closet, and climbed out the window. He knew Vigal would be on his trail, and at least he would have a headstart. Frolio jumped out of the window, landing safely. Frolio darted into the darkness of the night, towards the Forest of Forever.

Frolio ran as fast as he could, towards the forest. He knew Vigal would be riding after him, picking up his magical stench. But soon, he fell down, from being so tired. *I must...continue* He thought, before passing out. He awoke, and it was day time. Perhaps Vigal was...killing the Hobbits. Thinking they were him. But, why?

Frolio then recalled the story of Vigal. Vigal was a Prince of a Human Kingdom, and they wanted the land the Hobbits owned. What a better way to do so than to kill them all? Frolio knew it was hide duty to protect the innocent Hobbits, even if he died, at least some could escape.

Frolio rushed back to Merryvale. Bodies of the dead hobbits lay around him. The Vigal Knights were there, trying to kill the Hobbits. The Hobbits did not put up much of a fight, not use to fighting or hunting. Frolio began to summon energy from the Mage Realm, attempting to force that power unto the Knights, killing them.

A group of Hobbits were running towards the Mayor's Manor, where Hobbit Miltia men were trying to defend the Manor. Frolio attempted to get there, but several of Vigal's Knights blocked the path. He soon casted his abilities, knocking a group of them away from him, and he attempted to break their will, and make them fight other Vigal Knights. Succesful, he carried onwards, to the Manor.

He began to hold off the Knights with his mind, attempting to force them away, into the woods. Many of the Knights have weak willpowers, greedy, and weak. Soon, they turned on each other, killing each other, trying to get the pain in their head to stop. Soon, nothing was left but carnage, and little then four knights remained. Who were taken out by the Miltia.

"Thank you, you...you do not know what you've done today. You haved saved one of the last Hobbit Villages, from destruction." A Hobbit Soldier said, who began to carry the bodies towards a pile. One Hobbit Pile, and One Vigal Knight pile.

Frolio knew he had to continue onto the College. He packed his items, and began to walk towards the College. He knew Vigal had left to go back to Usmil Hold, to tell the Council of Usmil about the mage in the Hobbit Village.

Frolio began to walk the path, towards the College. He encountered Knights along the road, which was not a good sign. By the time he got to the College, the Mages and the Usmil Brothers were in an all out war.

Frolio quickly began to help the Arch-Mage, fight of the Usmil Brothers, and Vigal's Knights. The Mages were outnumbered, by one to six, but they began to push back the Usmil Brothers. The Usmil brothers did not give up, and soon, Vigal came onto the battlefield.

Vigal quickly began to kill the students, and burn the College. Then, reinforcments came, overcoming the Battle-Mages defence force. Soon, only a group of Mages were left on the College. The Arch-Mage, the Council of Seers, Six Battle Mages, Eight Students, and Frolio.. The Arch-Mage looked at Frolio, the last Arcane Mage User. "Go, take the students with you, and never look back!"The Arch-Mage said. Frolio gathered the children, and left to the wild.

Frolio soon left, and went to a boat, to an unknown place. Turning around, he saw the College in flames, and the Forces of Magi crumble. He turned away, and looked towards the new land. The children looked at Frolio. "What is going to happen to the Arch-Mage?" They said. Frolio smiled, and said to the children. "I don't know, I'm sorry."

Soon, a catacalsym happened, without the Mages to keep the balance of Force in check, the Forces of Nature overcame the Forces of Man, but rumor said that some escaped, and followed the boat towards the new land.

07/24/2012 10:20 pm
Level 26 : Expert Scribe
This is only Part One, hopefully, more to come soon!
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