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the woodlands chapter 4

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"last time in the woodlands, Timmy Scoots and mushrooman went down to the lake to catch food, but on there way they found a Maiten in distress, Scoots and Timmy rush in to save her, the two took out 2 robbers, but Timmy got very close to the third robbers knife, but before the robber could slice Timmy, mushrooman threw a coconut at the robbers head, now the Maiten was safe, the Maiten Speak's "thank you so much, young hero's,
what's your names?, she asked, Timmy!, Timmy Smap is the name, what's yours and why are you out here, the young boy said, "and that brings us to up to time. the Maiten speaking, my name is Pheona and i was grabbing berries for my master, and those thugs attacked me, Timmy -"speaking of those thugs we should run before they wake up. 'the 4 run to the lake, "well do you think you can go home by yourself?, asked Timmy to the Maiten,
"yes I'll be fine thanks you for helping me, "Scoots barks, "now the 4 split up and mushrooman Timmy and Scoots walked farther down the lake,
they found some brown berries, "brown berries are berries that taste all most like chocolate, and Timmy really liked them, "oo brown berries. said Timmy, "the three grabbed a hole basket full, and returned to mushrooman's house,

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Timmy and Scoots stay with Mushrooman and cook dinner with the brown berries, which they used for dessert, and for dinner mushrooman had some white berries, which taste like chicken, so they made some stew, the three sat down to eat, after not to long they were all done with dinner and dessert so, Timmy and Scoots got up and said goodbye to mushrooman, and started out to get back home but before they could, a snake attacked, snakes are really big in the woodlands, mushrooman, "come Timmy and Scoots i have a back door i can sneak you out of, narrator speaking, "but mushrooman did not no how big the snake really was the snake rapped around the house they were stuck, to be continued
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the two did not stay for dinner so they just said good bye but before they got to far a huge stack got a around them, Scoots did not like snakes so he ran to the snake and bit it, the snake was not very happy, so the snake hit Scoots, Then the snake came towards Timmy, Timmy gulped, the snake came crushing in but before Timmy got eaten by the snake, mushrooman threw a coconut and knocked out the snake, so Timmy and Scoots went home,

As they were sleeping Timmy woke up to the sight of the snake coming up his tree
to be continued

top one is if they stayed buttom is if they leaved
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