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The Word "Craft", Why they are Overused (A Rant Upon Server Uncreativity)

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avatar AreoDynamic
Level 34 : Artisan Scribe
Hi Guys, AreoDynamic here with an rant upon the rant of the overused "Craft" found in different varieties of servers, texture packs, mods, etc.

The Word "Craft", and why it is overused:

While thinking about something to look around and rage upon at, I looked around the PMC Website to find something worth to see. I came to the server section and I was actually dumbfounded as I had wasted 30 minutes of my time and the result was just.. shocking. What was so shocking? The Fact that nearly every server on PMC had the word "Craft" on the server names. What I wonder is: Why Can't server owners create original, and creative names for their servers? Sure, A server with the word "Craft" on it might be interesting to look at, but with over 9,120 servers having that name included in their server name, then we've got a serious problem that we need to solve.

They might have their moments, but we also need different types of server names that aren't related to words like "Craft" or "Gaming". What My point is that we should be more imaginative, and think of a better name that isn't related to those type of words.

Experiences With Servers Like This:

I had once played on two mine craft servers which I found interesting, and fun as there were many types of things to do such as PvP, Spleef, Parkour, and Treasure Hunts. The First one was a faction server, me and my friends raided a house, stole items, and eventually became one of the most noted people on that server. With More Competition, more fun as it is directed. However, after I logged on again, I have learned that the server's name was changed to FcukCraft, I mean Seriously? Is there any type of server names that are better than this uncreative name? Yes, and that name is a type of slang, which is pretty offensive. Not only that, the owner changed the admins completely and the server was full of racist, and incompetent staff, so I decided to quit and move on to Creative Servers.

2 Weeks Later, Me and my friends tried for another attempt to find a perfect server that had great plugins, good staff, and servers that didn't have the name "Craft" on it. However, every single server I joined, was way worse than the last, most of the servers weren't either on that much, didn't have enough players, the server name was drastically racist and just mean, The staff often sweared, and didn't answer any questions that the players provided. Again, we gave up on our search to find and start great in a new server, realizing that many had stupid server names and that they weren't properly set up.

Most people who own these servers are incompetent and are pretty young at age, I presume. For One thing that I'm sure of, they host these servers because they dream of having their server a popular, and attractive place for everybody to play on, but usually, it's not like that. The Problem with the "Craft" thing, needs to end and get original ideas.

Server Ideas:

Servers can be original, as long as you don't put overused words which can be less attractive to look at. In Other words try to create a basic but cool server name such as Olympic Survival (Or Maybe That's Already Taken), and try to make your server sound fun and interesting for you to get people into your server.

Don't Create Server Names Like ChocolateCraft, or any racist server names, as hardly anyone will enter those types of servers. Look at Creative-Node, Savage Realms, or ShadowRaze, those are pretty Unique Names which I actually like.

Point Is: Be Interesting and Brainstorm for a moment about your creative server name, as you will have better ideas and get them easily rather than just adding a server without planning and getting little views.

If you liked this blog, please Diamond or Favorite it, and don't hesitate to comment on this blog to see what I can improve on and some feedback, or if you have original server ideas, post here!

Thanks For Reading my Blog!

09/06/2012 9:33 am
Level 20 : Expert Hunter
try making a server and then start complaining
09/06/2012 9:35 am
Level 34 : Artisan Scribe
FYI, I had an alternative account, and I created a server but I stopped it since it was lagging my computer a lot, and In Addition, I hardly play mine craft and don't have the time to host it as well. I used to play on my friend's server but I didn't like it, for many reasons. One of them was because the staff was lazy, and the server's name was racist, and finally, the staff never answered questions.
09/06/2012 9:38 am
Level 20 : Expert Hunter
ok but im just saying people just try to relate server with game i see nothing wrong with it
09/06/2012 9:40 am
Level 34 : Artisan Scribe
Well, I just think the word "Craft" is being way too overused, and In my opinion, they should come up with a better name. That's what I'm saying in the blog. Yes you are right that people are just trying to relate a server with the game, but come on, there's hundreds and hundreds of ways to name your server better than ending with a "Craft".
09/06/2012 10:27 am
Level 40 : Master Botanist
Yeah, like I could think of tons of new server names without Craft! Wild Workbench, MineWorld, The Prancing Piggy, Miner Wars, (For PvP) Guild Wars, (LOL, for factions) Pickaxes United, The United Worlds of Minecraftia, The Ender League...

The possibilities are ENDLESS! Come on, you don't need the suffix Craft! And without it you'll probably get more people interested because it's not just the same old Craft! Don't put all that effort in and just come up with another craft name! Be Creative! It's Minecraft!
09/06/2012 9:23 am
Level 25 : Expert Taco
09/06/2012 9:24 am
Level 34 : Artisan Scribe
I'm not a great guy at making pictures or memes, just like writing blogs :)
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