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The World of Iær

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After two dead computers and some pretty unsatisfying data loss, I've been away from posting new MC-related content for a while...

If you've missed me (and even if you haven't), I wanted to let you all in on the non-MC project I've been dumping my time into for the last couple of months, and how it relates to Minecraft.

The World of Iær

I've been wanting for many years to write a fantasy novel of some kind (my favourites are the ones with deep, detailed worlds and histories, like how Tolkien did it). Now I've finally gotten started, and while there's a lot of work to do, enough is done to make it worth sharing.

The World of Iær
Have a look:

Welcome to what is essentially my way of keeping my notes organized with such a detailed world. The project's earliest incarnations started with building an atlas, but I realized I needed much more than that—hence this project.

How does this have to do with Minecraft? Well, for starters, this may be of interest to some of the folks here on PMC purely for fun (feel free to browse over 100 detailed maps, including political, terrain, and topographic varieties)... but beyond that, I'm hoping someone will have an interest in building Parrania. Being able to see it in 3D and run around in it would definitely help with writing :p. Plus, it would be a very beautiful city build.... If you're interested in the task, feel free to DM me for more info.

It also gives PMC folks a chance to offer suggestions if they'd like :). Drop some comments or DM me if you have any!

The World of Iær

I plan on updating this blog every so often, as I make a batch of changes/additions to the page itself.

Enjoy :)

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Update #1 : by Baroque Obama 09/07/2021 1:00:00 amSep 7th, 2021

Added a few more articles to the site, and a lot more information to some of the existing ones

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09/02/2021 8:58 pm
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Also, I too enjoy writing fantasy, and I will enjoy taking a look at what you've made here.
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