The Zombie Update. Ep 1

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It was a calm minecraft night. I was resting when I heard a banging at my door. I walked to the front door to see a couple men bloody beaten and they smelled horrid. I turned and saw my axe which I grabbed and told the men to stand back. They kept coming so I swiped smashing ones head. I hit the next ones leg forcing it to hit the ground, It just kept crawling at me I kicked it and it kept coming. I lifted the axe above my head and swiped down to hear a sicking ripple in his skull. I grabbed my sword and I went to take a peek on what was going on. I looked to see chaos my neighbor ran at me and said help that crazy man bit me. I grabbed my sword and slashed the mans head in two. My lead my neighbor inside. I propped up some wood in front of my door as a makeshift door. I escorted my neighbor to the guest room and said I would get the police to check you out.

The phone lines were so backed up I just couldn't seem to get a call threw so I bandaged my neighbor George up and said you can spend the night. I went back to my room and got my gear ready. In about thirty minutes I heard a ghastly scream. I ran to the guest room and broke open the door to see George pale as good be. He started stumbling towards me. "Stand back George I'll kill you stand back!" He kept stumbling towards me I loaded a arrow and shot directly threw his right leg. It didn't even effect his movements. So I grabbed my sword and stabbed threw his heart. Again it didn't even injure him so I remembered the other two things only died when I smashed there head. I slashed as hard as I could and I heard two thuds one of his body hitting the ground the next was his severed head.
I grabbed his gear and decided to go look for help. I saw a man. "HELP Mister I just got one of those things Help!!"
He turned towards me and I looked around ten other things looked at me. They roared and all stumbled towards me. I loaded two arrows and shot the heads off the two on the right and I ran threw that small break of zombies.

I ran for quite a bit. I soon heard a zipping noise I turned to the side and saw a arrow in a tree I quickly yelled as of by instinct "DON'T SHOOT I'M NOT ONE OF THEM!!" A man with a sword and a woman with a bow stepped out and said Were you bitten. Umm I don't know I don't know. DAMN IT WERE YOU BITTEN. NO no no no I repeated and repeated. Ok they as of by Que started walking away. Wait I yelled mind if i tag along?

If I get enough likes or subscribes or just comments i'll make a part 2 and 3 and 4 just one comment and i'll work on a new one
CreditMy brain

05/27/2012 11:57 pm
Level 29 : Expert Unicorn
Part 2 was released
05/26/2012 5:07 pm
Level 29 : Expert Unicorn
A comment, diamound, or 30 views and i'll make a part too so if I get one more diamound ( 2 ) one more comment ( 2 ) There will be a part 2.
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