The zombie update pt 2

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avatar storywolf
Level 29 : Expert Unicorn
Blue = Joesph
black= Me/Narrator.

The world feared the update when the zombie infection would become infectious. Now that it has happened the very minecraft world I made and loved is now going down the drain in a simple night. After meeting those two people in the woods I learned there names Mary and Caleb. They had just met as well when escaping there hometown Stevenburg they said it was completely overrun. We started walking away from the Saddletown my town on our way from walking away a little girl approached us she said a crazy man had bit her and killed her mom. With out even hesitation Caleb just smashed her head in. It shocked me I just looked at him and it's like five hours of thinking in one second. I turned and I ran dropping my bow on the ground as I ran. I was panting when I tripped on a piece of a broken fence post. I flew into a ditch and felt my arm which I landed on it was clearly broken. I heard a sicking smash nearby I took a peek to see a man hitting another with a rock over and over again. He turned at me and said HAVE YOU SEEN CHARLIE?!! You know that guy. No. Ok well GIVE ME YOUR STUFF. I hobbled back words. GIVE ME YOUR STUFF OR I'LL BURN YOUR HOUSE AND KILL YOU. I stood there and threw my bag on the ground. and crawled away but the man seemed furious he started coming at me with a rock. The man suddenly had a arrow threw his heart he fell to his knees releasing a gasp of air. I took a look up once again to see a spider-jockey lucky me it hadn't seen me. That was my first encounter with a troller. With all the admins busy in the city trying to fend off the zombies. The griefers trolled the city without fear. I stumbled on with the throbbing pain in my arm I ran across the street to a house. I opened it the door and shut it behind me I walked in and a man yelled DON'T EAT ME PLEASE. I said don't worry i'm not one of them. O good well I'm Joesph. Joesph said he had a mine shaft not to far from here there were miners in it. We traveled there and met up with the miners who were friendly we decided to make that our hq but little did we know there was a zombie spawner in deep under the mines surface.

Stay tuned for part 3
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