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Things about Minecraft You didn’t Suspect About

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You may have been a fan of Minecraft, but there are things you still fumble about. Since its release in 2011, Minecraft has gathered storm over the years. A soaring popularity of a video game means two things. Gamers are having the best time of their lives, and developers are reaping huge profits. But that is not all there is about Minecraft.
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In this post, you shouldn’t just click here to read more about a game that keeps getting better, but you can also craft an essay about Minecraft skins and how they are helping with the fight against racism. At minecraftskins.com (the skindex), you can choose from black Spiderwoman, black tumbler girl, black night, black beauty or black lives matter skins. You are always a click away from finding a great essay example on even more interesting features about Minecraft.

What’s next? Well, apart from college essay black lives matter and relating it to the game, let’s explore the nitty-gritty you didn’t know about Markus Persson’s most famed video game release. Just a quick reminder, Markus Persson, a Swedish video game developer behind Minecraft, who has established Mojang AB, and is known under the Twitter name “Notch.” If you know a little bit the company, how could a lot happen so far, you may ask? Founded in 2009, changing name in 2010 and joining Microsoft in 2014 is a lot to tell about a company that edged out fiercest rivals such as Nintendo and Electronic Arts.

Is Minecraft one of the bestselling video of all time?

Yes, you read the question right. Minecraft, according to several reliable sources, is one of the bestselling video games of all time. Some reviewers put it at the top of the chart, but you may need to dig a little deeper by writing a college essay on it. The truth is that over the last decade, Minecraft sales have skyrocketed alongside GTA V, Grand Theft Auto V and Tetris.

Now available on almost every platform such as PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii, Xbox 360 and others, latest updates are mindboggling. By May this year (2019), Minecraft sales clocked more than 154 million copies. It is the now second bestselling video game worldwide ever after Tetris.

It may also interest you to note that in China, there are 100 million plus Minecraft players out of more than 250 million worldwide. However, given that it is free to download in this part of the world, such stats do not count toward total sales tally.

Swedes taking the love for Minecraft beyond imagination

As soon as Minecraft was released, it became an instant hit in the gaming world. In 2013, a school in Sweden adopted the game for classroom teaching. But while it may not have come as a surprise because gamification and game-based teaching/learning were already gaining momentum, here is something about which you may want to write. The school made Minecraft mandatory in teaching, specifically for students aged 13 years.

Come to think about it. Apart from college essay examples on benefits of video gaming, stats show that Minecraft has helped thousands of Swedish students learn about city planning and environmental conservation. Even more surprising is that two Swedish men (then employees of the Danish Geodata Agency) created a rendition of their country in the world of Minecraft. It is a feat they realized in 2014, albeit, similar creations such as Middle Earth and Hogwarts have since surfaced online.

Mushroom Biomes-The safest place in the world of Minecraft

The main aim of every Minecraft gamer is to survive. However, up till now, many still have limited choices when taking cover from mobs and night horrors. For them, felling trees at coal mines and creating makeshift homes is the best way of making stealthy movement away annihilation. It turns out, that is far from playing safe.

How to make a torch is one thing, but making it safely to the mushroom biomes, the safest place to hide, is another mean feat. All the same, it is where you can start a new life because it turns out if you don’t like hiding in annoying purple dirt, mushroom biomes, it so happens harbor special protective features.

Minecraft was sold through a tweet at the cost of $2.5 billion

Notch may have expected a bitter bargain after tweeting that Minecraft was up for sale for a whooping $2 billion. Microsoft, which now owns the game now, offered even more. A deal worth $2.5 billion was finally reached, and despite players fearing Minecraft would exit PlayStation, it never did. Instead, it is now available on virtually every gaming platform.

The original name was not Minecraft

Did you know Persson developed Minecraft in a record 6 days? Well, that’s something on which you can request for a paper sample. But, the fact that it intuitively incorporates a well-layered game plan and now black lives matter skins make it seems like something that took years to build.
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