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Things I Hate About Multiplayer Severs on Minecraft

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Billyboy_12's Avatar Billyboy_12
Level 15 : Journeyman Cake
Today i was playing on Minecraft with my friend. We were looking for a sever to play on. I obviously went to Planet Minecraft. I found a really good one. It had loads of mini-games, maps and warps. We both went on the sever and played. We noticed that all the players there were staff. We didn't think of it was a big deal. I have a very good PC so i have my video settings on full. I noticed a load of potion effects. I knew it was a staff. I carried on as if nothing happened. I went mining while my friend explored to raid or find a base. I came back with a lot of resources and shares it with my friend. We build a small little wooden home with 3 chests and a furnace. We claimed it and went raiding. We both came back in shock. Our house was not a house. IT WAS A MANSION. Now normally people would be happy about that but i play legit. I left that mansion and played some mini-games.

It was about 12PM and more people came on the sever. I noticed that the leader of the biggest faction was on. He saw how i was new and gave me some items. I became allies with him and went mining (I mine a lot :P). One of his members went with me. I found some gold and the guy starts saying "OMG OMG BUDDER". The first thing that came to my head was that he was a Sky fan. I don't mind Sky. He is great at what he does. I just don't like his EXTREME fans. They always say that Gold is 'Budder' or that Squids must die. I know its only the little kids who do it but hasn't it gone far enough. I am not a hater but i am being very critical about This problem. People need to learn the differencebetween Gold and Butter.


Now this blog title isn't about gold. Its about 'Things'. Another thing I hate is little kids on Minecraft. I'm not saying all of them, but the ones that swear and lie about everything. I am a admin on a sever called 3DS Craft (Weirdest name to me) and I am all ways free to answer questions. I am so dedicated to the sever that I put it on PMC here.
Anyway, i was just finished advertising and quite a lot of people came on. Now I remember these 2 guys. The sever was new at the time so we needed some staff. They asked if they could become one. I said yes and sent the link of the website. Now me and the owner were on Skype and we were talking about some of the staff application. We wanted 10 or over staff because anyone under that will be a bit annoying to us. We read the application the 2 guys sent. Thy were great. They had a premium account and were 15-16 (the age of me and the owner). I noticed that they said they had Skype with a microphone. I added them both. They were on the sever also. I was telling them to add me. They didn't reply. They seems very hesitant to add me. After an hour they added me and we all joined a call. They first thing i noticed was they didn't have microphone (Or muted the Microphone). I checked back on the staff application and it said that they had a microphone. It wasn't really a problem. I thought they may have just clicked the wrong option by accident. I ended the call about 10 minute later to eat. After i ate noticed they were offline. It was because they were in another countrify and it was 12AM. I clicked their profile and i noticed a link to a YouTube channel. I watched one video and straight away i saw they weren't 15-16 and they did have a microphone. They had some videos on Minecraft and i saw that they were griefers. They have hacked clients and stuff. I showed this link to the owner and he didn't really mind. The next they though i saw they tried to grief the sever. Our spawn saw messed up and we were all default rank. I hatched a plan with my friend and the owner. We would go on their sever with different usernames and give them a taste of their own hacking (Medicine is used too much :P). Now the owner had a hacking client so he secretly played without them noticing we were the staff of the sever they griefed. We some got admin and then we messed there sever up and we even did it with them online. They couldn't stop us. They found out that we were the staff of the other sever and said stuff like "we will call the police" or "I will tell my dad". I started laughing. Would the police even visit someone for griefing a sever. Plus what is their dad going to do. We we rent ever going to see them again. Its kids lie these i hate. They always whine and lie about everything. They say that thing are getting serious. Is he going to use CAPS LOCK on me?

I hate quite a few things with Multiplayer severs. Comment below on what you hate too :P
Note:I will add your ideas in too and will update when ever i can

And too you guys that are against me just look at this GIF. I respect your idea

CreditMe :P

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01/21/2015 8:07 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Architect
DrPepper5270's Avatar
(Medicine is used too much :P)-  I think you meant  "Medicine is such a cliche". XD
07/12/2014 4:15 pm
Level 33 : Artisan Explorer
Del_boy211's Avatar
You use maturity

It's not very effective...

9 year old uses CAPS LOCK

It's super effective!

Nice blog, and it's so true.
Military Minecraft
10/25/2013 5:01 pm
Level 74 : Legendary Engineer
Military Minecraft's Avatar
Diamonded! Love the butter! =D
10/09/2013 6:22 pm
Level 7 : Apprentice Pig
commando8797's Avatar

I also hate it when people accuse you of hacking in pvp when you aren't, and they just suck.

also nice post! :D
10/08/2013 4:58 pm
Level 25 : Expert Hunter
bigf's Avatar
I love SkyDoesMinecraft, but the only time I will ever say butter instead of gold is when I'm on Sky's server or commenting on Sky's video. Anywhere else I say gold.
Jacob Rigoberto
01/31/2014 4:29 am
Level 43 : Master Pokemon
Jacob Rigoberto's Avatar
I said "Gold" on the sky server. Once. I am banned permanently.
01/31/2014 5:22 am
Level 25 : Expert Hunter
bigf's Avatar
No way...
10/08/2013 6:19 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Narwhal
FlaashV's Avatar
10/08/2013 4:58 pm
Level 1 : New Miner
jacobMPP's Avatar
"BUDDER" people are so annoying!!! I mean really. THEY R ANNOYING!!!!!
10/08/2013 4:07 pm
Level 15 : Journeyman Narwhal
FlaashV's Avatar
People in the Sky Army call it Butter cause they are fans of Skydoesminecraft. No need to cry about it, just ignore them. Everything else I agree with. Also, what is with the guy in the gif in the green shirt staring at the guy in grey's neck?
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