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Things I've Learned from Making Skins

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avatar Lockexi
Level 13 : Journeyman Skinner
Things I've Learned from Making Skins

1. Soft-outline every edge, define borders between body parts

2. HSL Shift is your friend

3. Imagine which parts would have shadows if they were real

4. Noise is like the flashbulb on a camera: It's very situational (Pro Tip to beginner photographers: Flash on a camera should only be used in really dark places when you have to take a snap fast. That's what my old journalism professor taught me.)

5. Not every skin has to be heavily shaded to look like some low-res anime character.

6. A flat skin is a boring skin.

7. Sometimes, simplicity is beauty

8. Armor parts make the booty skin pop

This blog will be updated in the future as I learn more.

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