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My Awesome Renders!!! + Requests!

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avatar Arkady
Level 46 : Master Nerd
Hey guys it's been over a month or two since I uploaded. That was for a lot of reason! First of all, school. Everybody know this, when you have school, you have less time to enjoy. Really, cuz I can only touch my computer for only an hour. My school actually uses all my time so when I arrive at home, if not dinner, sleep. And because of school, I got the 2nd reason. Group projects. Every time there is no classes, there would be a group meeting, for our group project. It's a pane in the glass, if you know what I mean. But BTW, no one cares, right? So let's continue to my RENDERS!!!

Life on Mars cover
Online Persona Cover

My Cool Photo

Star Wars inspired Render

Wither guy with the GUN!!!

Epic Spartan Thingy

Now if you want a render, go comment down below with your skin and the details on what should I put on your render... The chance that you're render would be made is 98%! LOL remember 2% of not getting picked xD

But that's for today, BYEEEEEEEEEEEEE
- EZ

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May you please create me a skin? Because I've created a new Youtube Channel Called "TheFireBeta" and its a Minecraft Channel. I'd like my character to have red eyes, brown hair, grey Shoes and a grey/red/black coloured outfit.

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