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Things That Should NOT be added in Minecraft

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avatar aboveordinary
Level 38 : Artisan Engineer
Hello guys, keep in mind that these are all based on my opinion; please feel free to respectively post yours below.

After being on PMC for quite a few months now, I've seen many people claiming what they think should be in minecraft. Their is a very active thread on the forums that has hundreds of pages of people saying what should be in the game. I disagree with some of these and extremely disagree with others.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion so I will try to dispute these ideas in the most level headed manner. I've composed a list of some of the ideas that I disagree with, left it sit on my desk for an hour to cool down. These are my thoughts.

(Keep in mind that this is not in any particular order and each idea is just as dumb as the other :P)

  • Thirst- People say that thirst should be added to give water bottles a new use/make the game more realistic/etc. Thirst would only add a new annoyance to the game. A decent amount of players don't like the hunger-bar. Imagine adding in a thirst-bar where none of the drinks in this game stack.
  • More food- we have 28 or so food sources in this game. We do not need more. More equate to more challenges in skyblock and other maps/servers like that
  • Torches that burn out- Notch had talked about adding these, dinnerbone had mentioned it. Torches are many peoples primary source of lighting and look good in certain situations. We don't have many good lighting sources to begin with. If they changed torches, we'd have even less.
  • Rubies- Rubies were supposedly about to be implemented and weren't. We have plenty of ores that are used for tools. They could be cool if done right and if they did something other than making tools and armor.
  • Better default textures- by 'better' I mean HD or better resolution. The blocky 16-bit textures add to the games simplicity appeal and charm.
  • Guns- Guns are cool in mods, not in vanilla.
  • Seasons- While this idea is good in theory- I don't want my buildings to always be overrun with snow/leaves/flowers. It would be really neat if seasons only happened in certain biomes (or perhaps a certain biome *wink wink nudge nudge*). This could give us the awesomeness of seasons but wouldn't overrun any builds that require a specific setting (an ice castle or something).
  • Cars- Minecraft needs many things, cars are not that.
  • Flight potions- Potions that added a creative-esque flight would be overpowered and lame. If they were added like added like IC jetpacks then it could be a neat and efficient way of getting around but they'd have to be fairly expensive.

These are just a few that I have. Hopefully I can continue to update this thread with what other people think and maybe add some more of my own.

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i do agree with most of them but i think it would be cool with a thirst bar and rubys (my Opinion)
The seasons could work but only in a neutral biome like plains or something
yeah, that's what I was thinking and it would be really neat if the were able to implement it correctly
yeah they also mentioned synchronizing it with real time, what do you think of that?

I don't like it
no no no. That would be terrible. I do not want zombies and skeletons fighting me for 12 hours. I don't think they could do that because we're all on different time zones and such
lol, I think its supposed to be set up on your computers clock
That would still be bad. I'd manually change my clock so it was always day time
I agree with everything but the rubies and more food! I know we have a lot but still more food would help with the hunger people for some reason hated on (Maybe they should've never suggested it) rubies are good we need more armor I'm sick of the old diamond being strongest I was mad there is no emerald armor!
  • Wolf_paladin
  • Level 24
  • Expert Dragonborn
  • January 8, 2014, 4:24 pm
Don't forget emerald tools and armor
And-and I wanted seasons ( ._.)
I did say that seasons would be neat (and they really would be). I just don't want them completely recking the biomes system that MC already has. It would be neat if they have specific biomes that did have it; just like they have various 'M' biomes that are mountains, they could have 'S' Biomes for ones that have seasons. That would be awesome!!!
and to bacon eater, different ores would be cool if they didn't just do the standard tools and armors but gave them other meaningful uses

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