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things that COULD improve Minecraft!!!!!

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MickeyJoe avatar MickeyJoe
Level 48 : Master Warrior
Minecraft is the best game ever, but i have allot of ideas that COULD make it an 100 times better!!!!! here is list of ideas, not all of them are good. i will update it and when u guys have other ideas, leave a comment.

check out the update logs for my actual ideas! (this page wasn't big enough and creating more blogs and calling them "part 1" "part 2" "part 3" etc would be annoying for the people reading the blogs, and for me to edit ideas. so PMC staff, i'm NOT abusing the update logs!)

thanks for watching, a Diamond is appreciated ;)

(and pogo4545 is working on a mod for it all!!!)

and btw, your not allowed to do anything with the textures I created, except you asked my permission!!!

1 Update Logs

Update #1 : by MickeyJoe 08/29/2012 6:45:35 amAug 29th, 2012

update 10
  • Dispensers should be able to shoot blocks of Sand when Sand is placed in one, so the player can create a Sand trap using Dispensers
  • 2 more Sandstone types, th_cpng and th_afaepng
  • when holding Wheat while riding a Pig, the player can control the Pig
  • oatmeal png, oatmeal heals 2 heats of damage and cancels all negativePotion affects
  • Golden viking Helmet th_edepngpng th_bdacpng , gives the same affect as a normal viking Helmet, only the Golden viking Helmet has the same stats as a Golden Helmet
  • ice Cream png, restores 4 hunger but has a 4% change to slow the player down
  • hamburger th_afccpngpng , restores 9 hunger
  • blowpipe th_efepngpng, blowpipes have half the duration of a Bow, it shoots twice as fast, has a low range and a low accuracy. blowpipes shoot darts
  • darts th_abebpngpng , are shot by blowpipes
  • Splash Potions are crafted with Gunpowder rather than Brewed with Gunpowder
  • new crafting recipe for Books png
  • at death, the player can see a 2 minute killcam
  • studded Leather armor, th_cadfpngimgjpeg (Helmet) imgjpeg (Chestplate) imgjpeg (Pants) imgjpeg (Boots) imgjpeg
  • Obsidian Fence imgjpeg , Obsidian Fence can only be broken with a Diamond Pickaxe, and is explosive resistance
  • Obsidian Fence Gate imgjpeg, Obsidian Fence can only be broken with a Diamond Pickaxe, and is explosive resistance
  • Water Torch pngth_fepng, the Water Torch is a Blue like Torch that can be placed under Water.
  • reaper mob, reapers are rare mobs that spawn during nighttime, a reaper looks like a floating skeleton with a black robe and hood, when the reaper sees the player, the reaper will attack the player with his Iron Hoe. reapers have a high attack and a high health
  • turret imgjpeg , a turret is a 2 block wide block. when right clicking a turret the player enters the turret. the turret can shoot Arrows when right clicking and can rotate 360 degrees. the turret shoots arrows rapidly and with the same power as a fully charged Bow
  • flails png , flails have a higher damage than any other weapen, and a high knockback. flail are slower than Swords but have a longer range when swinging. flails CANT be blocked by Swords (the Iron Block could also be Wooden Planks, Cobblestone, End Stone, Gold Block, ruby Block, Diamond Block or Obsidian) flails have a longer duration than a Sword
  • trident th_effpngpng, a trident has the same stats as a spear, only it does tripple the damage
  • when hitting a mob/player with a Hoe, the mob/player gains damage and the health bar of the Hoe shirks
  • named Chests png , named Chests look like normal Chests, only with a Sign on them, when a named Chest is placed down, a window pops up were the player can write something on
  • better texture for Gold Blocks ACCpKJCAAAarCEpnglarge
  • better texture for Iron Blocks ACCwQqCIAAnWIhpnglarge
  • Gold locked Door png th_fdpng , Gold locked Doors can only be opened while holding a Golden key
  • Golden key th_ddpngpng , used to unlock Gold locked Doors
  • Iron locked Door pngth_png, Iron locked Doors can only be opened while holding a Iron key
  • Iron key th_epngpng , used to unlock Iron locked Doors
  • copper locked Door imgjpeg th_abpng , co

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01/25/2014 7:03 pm
Level 1 : New Network
NIALLB0B avatar
Waterfalls would be brilliant to add!
02/02/2013 6:23 am
Level 1 : New Miner
jaegerstratege avatar
Renewable Dush Bushes:

Planting any Sapling on Sand (which is not possible at the moment) would turn the Sapling with the next tick (instead of turning him into a tree) into a dead bush.
09/25/2012 12:06 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Dragonborn
GAMY avatar
You know, this is why mods are there for us!
09/25/2012 1:20 pm
Level 48 : Master Warrior
MickeyJoe avatar
it used to be 21 pages long, i had over 200 original good ideas in there! but Nox Eaterna did'nt want me to keep updating it, so i had to do this!!! i want to delete it, but than i will lose half my xp :(
08/26/2012 6:26 pm
Level 37 : Artisan Blob
Nox Aeterna
Nox Aeterna avatar
Temporarily disabled the submission. Changes are required. Reason: Update Log Abuse
Don't abuse the update log. It is meant for major updates to the submission, not to simply bump your submission. Delete/clear your update logs and agree to this comment that you will no longer abuse the update logs. Once you do so, your submission will be restored. But, be warned; Further update log abuse will result in the deletion of your submission. Thanks.
Submission Rules
09/04/2012 2:12 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Architect
PureKaos avatar
Nox Aeterna i may not be a moderator but i understand what he is doing, if he were to add this content in the update log onto the main blog it would be alot of content on the page. so much so that it would become a chore to anyone who wishes to read this blog therefore making people lose interest into what he is trying to show. I know the moderators are supposed to prevent others from abusing particular items on the site but what he is doing is streamlining his blog so that it is easier to Navigate. So i'am siding with him if you penalise me for it so be it.
08/29/2012 7:56 am
Level 48 : Master Warrior
MickeyJoe avatar
is this better? (i didn't even knew that spoilers existed)
09/04/2012 2:07 pm
Level 30 : Artisan Architect
PureKaos avatar
Apparently it seems your getting thrashed for what i would consider a trivial matter
08/27/2012 5:38 am
Level 48 : Master Warrior
MickeyJoe avatar
but there is no room for all the ideas on the actual blog, and creating 23 other blogs would be more abuse than this. i used the update logs, because they were perfect! i didn't had to place links in the blog itself to other blogs and my (9) subscribers can easily keep updated about my new ideas, and i create a new update log every day, so i can prove to people that i did not stole any ideas!

please let me keep the update logs, its a perfect alternative.
cant someone make it that when i place an update log, it wont show up in the "Recently Updated" submissions? because that's not the reason i use the update logs.

please let me know before u delete the blog what u thing of my idea.

08/29/2012 7:06 am
Level 40 : Master Network
ZaphodX avatar
Your argument is invalid. Your blog does not come close to reaching the blog limit.
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