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This is the story on how I became a Minecrafter...

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avatar JawserTheGreat
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It all began in 2012... I was 8 years old, and my older brother told me, "Hey, I found this game called Minecraft", and that day changed my life forever. My brother downloaded the Minecraft demo on his Xbox 360 and I played nonstop, digging underground with my bare hands. I soon found out there was much more to the game.

A couple months later, I soon found out there was much more content on the PC instead of the Xbox. So, I helped my mom with some chores for the game.

When I finally bought the game, I would never leave the computer. I would be playing single player every day after school and I would get so excited finding diamonds, gold, emeralds, pretty much anything (except dirt of course).

Then, I found out about multiplayer, which is my favorite part of Minecraft. I made a lot of friends from Minecraft for the past 4 years; although I only talk to 1 of those friends (I am so lonely). I then made a server which hasn’t been on for a year now, which is pretty sad.

Now that it is 2016, and I don’t play Minecraft all the time anymore, but as you can see, this game has made me laugh, made me cry, and overall, it was just very nostalgic thinking about my Minecraft adventure and I just hope non-gamers can pick up a controller, or a keyboard, or a tablet, and try out Minecraft and meet some friends, because you never know what’s going to happen on the next page.

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