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This is what I am – A “What makes you a minecrafter” blog contest entry

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avatar Arkady
Level 46 : Master Nerd
This is what I am
– A “What makes you a minecrafter” blog contest entry

A minecrafter is what I am. At first glance, I already thought I would love it. And yes I did. And the day I played minecraft is the day that I knew what I was destined for; to play minecraft. And “what makes me a minecrafter?” Simple, I play minecraft! But let’s dig deeper, as deep as bedrock.

My story started at 1.5, when everything was still boring.

When I first played minecraft, as expected, I was still a noob. Using lapis blocks ONLY to construct roofless houses. Using iron doors (without levers, buttons, etc.) and got so mad because it won’t open; took me weeks to figure out how it works, that it needs buttons/levers to open.

As I progress, I made another world; I built a skyscraper, but again, made of lapis and glass blocks. The skyscraper is as higher than sky, without anything but lime carpets inside. And then I accidentally die (I switched to survival), and then I didn’t find the skyscraper again.

And another world was created; a survival world, on flatlands. But of course, I lived in an NPC village. And as you expected; with cheats. That time I can’t figure out why there are no monsters; also took me weeks to figure out that I was on peaceful mode.

And then I stepped up. First time I downloaded a map, it was featured on the best maps. “Hillside Manor by InHaze” YUP I still remember it. I have it working in my first time, wasn’t that hard though. Then I explore, I saw those jungle temples while exploring. I was like: “Is this a secret build by InHaze?” I’ve thought of that because it was far away from the main build, it was alone in the jungle, a snow jungle. Then I entered, I met some traps and 3 levers. I did nothing on the levers because I don’t know what they are.

And then I downloaded texture packs, skins and mods. The mods made my life difficult. I searched all over YouTube to find out how to make them work. Haven’t found any, so I didn’t use mods. After a year, I tried again. I downloaded forge and mods. I was so glad it worked! Although I don’t remember what it is anymore.

Then PMC showed up. I joined it then posted craps. After some months, I just realized I know have a high level. I joined contests, posted on forums, and got banned sometimes.

And then after that, I found myself writing this story for the contest, hoping that readers (and fans?) would like it. And I think I should end this story right now, I might be running out of words. But this wasn’t the end of my story, it’s just the beginning. If you ever encounter this story; I hope this encourages you to strive more, like I did (did I?).

But anyways, I hope you liked it. Subscribe for more, Diamonds are appreciated. And of course, G00DBy3!


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  • Arkady
  • Level 46
  • Master Nerd
  • July 31, 2016, 12:58 am
W0W I think no-one really cares about me

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