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This seed have an on land ruin and on land shipwreck

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IdioticMan avatar IdioticMan
Level 10 : Journeyman Miner
Guys try this new seed i found:8516858309665517575 This is the best seed i have found so far. You will spawn on an acacia biome and right behind you is a desert biome. Go to the far left you will see a on land ruin.The shipwreck is right in front of the ruin.The ruin and the shipwreck have treasure in it.If you want to find it easier,go to spectator mode.(Note:this is only for minecraft 1.13 java edition. I don`t know if someone already posted this. I just spawn on this seed randomly.)(Sorry for my bad english).

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11/12/2018 8:31 pm
Level 34 : Artisan Archer
Matticus_Maximus avatar
Nice seed man! I made the shipwreck my survival base.
Just a note to you and viewers of this submission, if you go north of the shipwreck along the shore line you will find a big sand hill about 6 blocks high or so. Under there in the area is buried treasure. Use spectator to find it if you have to. Good stuff in it. Not spoiling it sorry ☺
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