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Corruption In Minecraft & Real Life?

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avatar CinnamonTiny
Level 28 : Expert Narwhal
"Those who try are the ones who die." - CinnamonTiny

That quote only relates to Minecraft, fortunately, or so I thought. All these people are trying to get people to join their factions or towns on some servers yet no one wants to join. I respect them for that but if they are trolls about it, who would want to join? "HEY YOU MUTHA FUCA COME JOIN MY GAWD DAM FACTION NAOW!" That was taken from a player on my friends server (RedSoxWorld, search for us on the search box). These 'people' are like abnormal little kids who are very immature. It's like, what the bloody hell has happened to this world?

All these parents are letting kids their kids watch CSI, NCIS, TerraNova, etc. . . These shows are very good for those who aren't corrupt. . . yet. I saw this kid at a ski resort I was staying at who was actually rapping the song called Power by Eminem. Yes, that song is corrupting children too. Music and television is such a bad thing for these kids, if they are watching certain shows or listening to certain songs.

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