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Three Whales of urban business, part 3

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GromVS avatar GromVS
Level 3 : Apprentice Architect
Hello everybody! This is the final part about business in Catalina. As in any modern city, many new residential complexes have appeared in Catalina, which are designed to make housing cheaper and more affordable. A lot of money revolves in this area!
There are currently 4 completed residential complexes in the city:
1. Rainbow (picture on the top left). The residential complex is represented by one nine-storey house. There are 8 apartments of 4 different types on one floor. The apartments here are not the most expensive, but they are still considered elite housing, since there is a supermarket, a hospital, a coffee shop and of course the city administration within walking distance.
2. Swamps (picture on the top right, green houses). The apartments here can really be called budget! The complex consists of three houses, each of which has its own type of apartment. In total, the residential complex has more than 60 apartments! There is a supermarket within walking distance.
3. Sunny (picture on the top right, gray buildings). A comfortable residential complex, both for a family, a couple or one person. Convenient house territory and metro within walking distance make the complex one of the elite in the city!
4. Ecology (picture below). Such a residential complex is perfect for those who care about the environment. Three houses are built of eco-friendly materials, which are recycled during the demolition of the building without polluting the atmosphere. Near the houses there is a large pine alley for walking.
There is accommodation for everyone in Catalina! Thank you all!

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