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Through Shadow, Through Fire - Blocks Lore (And sneak peek at BotB Pt. 2!)

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avatar Silphaer
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First of all, Betrayal of the Blocks Part 2 is taking a long time to write, as I'm trying to write an actual novel! So, I just wanted to say that it is in the works. In fact there's a small sneak peak at the end, but first, some lore from the Blocks universe, because I'm all about that lore!

Through Shadow, Through Fire

Ker'Han of the seven storms held the crown aloft, his victory known throughout the three kingdoms of the Cubic realm. Those of the planet tower, a great structure reaching from the core to the sky, hailed him cries of support whilst those of the frozen lands met him with rage and fury. The people of the plains and deserts of the south cared not, and met the news with overwhelming indifference, for they were unaffected.

For two hundred years the Cubic realm had been at war. The Han and Dor families had fought for control of the Planet Tower and frozen lands, together making up the two more prosperous thirds of the world. Ker'Han, supported by those of the Planet Tower had finally killed Nara'Dor, his rival for the crown. The Dor family were supported by the barbarian people of the frozen lands, who refused to bow down to Ker'Han, even when the crown was placed upon his head.

They retreated into the shadowy abyss of the darkness, blending together magma, water, steel and rock, to create a portal to Hell - That dark realm known as the Nether. If there was one realm that a mortal should never go, it is that realm. Despite wishes to join with it and destroy the Han family, the barbarian people were enslaved by a dark force which resided in flame. It came to our world, through the portal, through shadow, through fire, it came.

Chaos spread throughout the lands as the forces of the Nether spilt through the portal, killing any they saw. Our world would have been consumed if it were not for the Golem of Frostburn Castle. Created by Notch and powered with the great Nether Star, it cut through the forces of darkness like a sword through a melon. It eventually came to the centre of the frozen lands, and the source of the evil.

Without hesitation, it crushed the portal, cutting off the Daemons from the Nether - The source of their life. They withered and died and the world was saved. The Golem returned to Frostburn Castle, but in the chaos, the three kingdoms had been split into six, and so the world was one step closer to the Betrayal of the Blocks.

So, I hope you liked that little piece of lore I wrote. Now, here's a sneak peek at Part 2 of the Betrayal of the Blocks:

The Betrayal of the Blocks Part 2: The Ace of Spades

It was dark, and the guard couldn't quite see where he was going. Ahead, there appeared to be a figure, dressed in a grey trench coat and black, wide brimmed hat.

"I'm sorry, guard," the figure said in a quiet, yet perfectly audible voice, "This alley is a dead end." He raised his hand, and a playing card shot from it, striking the gaurd in the neck...

Well, that's all from me today. Hope you enjoyed!
CreditEveryone who's read Lord of the Blocks and Betrayal of the Blocks Part 1

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