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Time poem.

The uh photo is just of my friend in a Rem skin

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avatar yolandagirly
Level 14 : Journeyman Cake
How do you spend your time on this Earth?

I don't know how to express myself sometimes.
I feel messed up then I'm all chill.
I regret my decisions then they turn their cheek.
At the hardest times when you try to seek.
They haven't got your back when you feel really weak.

I learned it the hard way that fake people will waste you're time.
And fake love will break your heart, because nothing
Lasts forever so make the most of it before you wish you ever.
Don't blame your problems on other people.

Is it that hard to just say something nice?
Or is it that you always think twice, does it take you a million
Dollars to just be kind, but the homeless can do it even blind.
What is money to you? What is deserving to you?
Do we really need it, or is just an issue?

What is the point in wasting your life complaining.
I'm not saying you can't be sad.
But there is a limit when you're done weeping.
And there's a time where you just have to give up.

(I just wrote about how I feel about our today's society and how people react to things, because a lot of things changed and all. I hope you understand my message. I haven't posted since like 3 years ago and I only remembered my account yesterday. Wow! It's been ages!)

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