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Minecraft Guide - Tips and Tricks for finding diamonds

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Tips and Tricks for Finding Diamonds!
By: Spartan_Stars

Step 1: Getting Resources

Before mining, you need some resources. Like, wood and food. To begin, you have to punch around 2-3 trees. Also kill some animals to get food. Make sure you have enough food and wood for mining, you don't want to run out of wood or die of hunger in the caves. After you have find enough resources you are ready.

Step 2: Stone and Fuel
First, make a wooden pickaxe. Do not make any other wooden tools as it wastes your wood for a weak and slow tool. Mine 3 stone and craft a stone pickaxe. Then, mine more stone and craft a furnace and a stone sword. Stay in your mine as the sun sets. Keep on mining. What you will need is coal or charcoal. If you found coal, great! But, if you are having a hard time finding coal, go to the furnace and smelt some wood. It will make charcoal. After that, craft torches. Torches is the most important thing in mining, unless you are in peaceful.

Step 3: Better Tools
You need to find some iron in order to get diamonds. Find at least 3 iron ores and then smelt them. Then, craft an iron pickaxe. Now, go back to your mine and mine deeper and deeper with your stone pickaxe. You must reach level 11 (11 blocks above deepest bedrock) for help, press the F3 key to see your coordinates. Look at your Y. You must mine deep until you reach 11.

The average diamond level is 1-16. For me, the best is level 11. After you have reach level 11. Mine sideways until you find those shiny blue rocks. If you have found diamonds.. You can celebrate or anything. Make sure to secure the diamond before mining it. You don't want lava burning the diamonds. Hopefully this helps you!

Tips and Tricks:

1. Diamond Level is 1-16
2. Get an Iron Pickaxe first
3. Secure diamonds (make sure it is safe before mining)
4. Get lots of resources first
5. F3 to help you

Hopefully it helps you! Thanks for Reading!
By: Spartan_Stars

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