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Tips for a Beginner Pixel Artist


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Level 4 : Apprentice Artist

Starting Out
When you start out on pixel art, you may want to start with some simple grids and shading. A lot of good places to search are Pinterest, Bracelet Book, Friendship Bracelets, and Kandy Patterns. To find pixel art, some tags you might want to look up are 'perler beads', 'patterns', or 'grids'. Perler beads are small cylinder shaped beads that you melt together to create an image. They also open up an oppertunity for more pixel art patterns!
Grid Backrounds
When you're looking at patterns, you may notice that a lot of them have white backgrounds. Most of the time, you don't have to make them, since it takes up more space. Other times, background grids are nessicary. If you're doing a project that has a grid that blends in with the scenery, chances are you'll have to make it. (Chesire cat example)
Glass Texturing
You might notice that a specific shade of pink or blue is too light to find a block colour. A simple way of lightening a colour is putting down glass with quartz behind. This will allow the colour to be lighter, without making it look that weird. If you don't like this method, please tell me what you might find easier! I'd like to know.
Outlines and Colouring
When you start a pattern, most of the time you'll probably find that most images are outlined in black. I like to use black wool for an outline usually, or for any black colouring in the pattern in general. Now, when I start the outline, I usually finish all the black in the image first, then start layering different colours. For example, in the snake image, I'd do the black, darker green, pink blush, then the most used colour, light green. I normally use more solid colours, as wool looks more grainy and weird. The only colours I normally use with wool is black, dark grey, and light grey. Otherwise I like using stained clay for colours and plain quartz for white.
Counting and Measuring
When you're counting large strings of blocks, you might want to look at the other areas around you. If something lines up with your large line of blocks, you can probably just build to that area. It's much more conveinent. Also, if you memorize a small pattern, you can count the amount of times it goes up, down, or to the side. For example, two blocks repetitively going in a zig-zag pattern.
So many people ask me or say, "How do you do all of this? It's so amazing!" and "I'm so horrible at pixel art. It's so HARD!" So I hope these tips will help anyone who has the same thoughts. If you have any requests or feedback, please comment down below! If I can't put the screenshots in, I'll put a link to a project with everything in it down below. (With captions! xD)

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